My personal style has to be classy with a hint of youthfulness or playful sophistication. Today’s outfit says just that. A classic silhouette dress modernized by it’s bold illusion print and youthful accessories that come in the form of a bejewelled parrot. Sounds so random but I swear you’ll know how literal I am when you see the detail shots below! Also, I took my fave Fino bag out for a spin again today! This bag was given to me by my mom a few years ago, and I remember how I instantly fell in love with it. I’m a sucker for textured leather and this particular shade of green. Most especially love it because it’s proudly Filipino made and out of all my bags, this has got to be one of the sturdiest ones (and the price tag isn’t even as high!) #sulit. Talking about Sulit pieces, this belt I’m wearing is another one! I got it back in 2005 while shopping for ballet clothes. It’s a mens dance belt and I bought it because back then, there weren’t a lot of high waisted belts made. I thought I was being resourceful! Fast forward to 8 years later and I’m still using it! Best part? It was only Php50 (less that $1). An 8 year old belt for less than a buck? Now that’s what I call a steal! Hope you enjoy today’s look!

Windsor dress (similar here), The Fab Shop earrings, Old dance belt (similar here), Juicy Couture watch from Meridian TimePieces, Fino bag (similar here), Goody pony pouf, Eazy Fashion heels

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