First things first, to everyone who had a hard time accessing this blog a few hours ago, I deeply apologize! I was panic stricken reading your tweets (quite demanding but rightfully so! lol) and did all I could to resolve the issue. So after a whole lot of talking to my web administrator and to the boys across the world who handle my server, it finally boiled down to a very serious situation. Basically, from what we gather, there was huge traffic pouring into my site (thank you, guys really :P) that my server couldn’t handle it! I already pay for quite high quality host that can handle high traffic, but I guess you guys just keep surprising us! Sooo I apologize for that, it’s all up and running (sluggish maybe at first, but it’s getting there!), and I thank you for coming back! Now for today’s post!

I wore this very “baptismal” like outfit to a very apt occasion- a baptism! lol I knew saving dresses for big events would be worth it! My boyfriend Mike’s first baby niece, Julianna, was welcomed into the Catholic community and I am honored enough to be her Godmother! Though honestly, I’m wondering if I can change that to God-sister. It has a nicer/softer ring to it! lol

Since the event was held at a church, I made sure to keep conservative with a high neckline and low hemmed dress. This lace number was absolutely perfect! Even though it fit like a glove, the lining underneath was really thick, making it more formal, and less “clubbin'”. I easily matched it with neutral accessories, my “event” make up and wavy hair!

Here’s the proud uncle and myself at the ceremony.

And right after- happy hour with the other Godfairies! Okay, I’m sticking with Godfairies. That’s totally better! P.S. notice how I have a laptop in front of me here? Just proof of how absolutely dedicated I am to you guys! Working while having fun- o diba? #priorities

 What do you think about my look?

Sophiscat Dress (similar here), WAGW belt, SM Accessories earrings and bag, Mango Touch heels

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If you’re using Google Reader to view this blog, you probably know that it’s shutting down for good in just a few hours. That means you loose all your bookmarked reads and registered blogs! One way to fix this is to move from Google Reader to Bloglovin. You can find me there too (Follow me on Bloglovin’). Hope this helps!

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59 Responses to Julianna

  1. This is such an innocent but demure outfit! You pull it off well!

    The Fashann Monster

  2. Bilzy says:

    Soooo pretty ate Kryz…ganahan ko sa background!!! It matched ur stunning outfit 😉

  3. Kath says:

    Kaya pala hindi ko to ma open kagabi. I thought yung connection ko yung may problem. hihi. Glad it’s back! Your look was perfect! white & gold is <3

  4. supereirene says:

    I love the dress. Simple yet classy :))

  5. supereirene says:

    I love the dress. its simple yet classy.

  6. Debbie says:

    Hi there,
    I just stumbled across your blog from instagram and I couldn’t help falling in with your amazing style and blog! Also, I’m so jealous that you’re in Singapore right now because that’s my home away from home (Vancouver, Canada)- the food is absolutely amazing! You look nice and cool despite the heat, something to be marveled at!

    xx Debbie

  7. Lydia says:

    Wow that dress fits you like a glove! Hopefully your server is okay now, I love reading your blog and would hate to be unable to access it! 😀


  8. Kerstine says:

    Glamorous! I love your dress so much! <3

  9. j9 says:

    Your friends with Sugar! I just knew her back in college,we were on the same school,but we haven’t actually met. hehe
    Anyways,take care always Kryz..! Hope to meet you someday. :-)

  10. lena alcantara says:

    so simple and chic.its like there’s an angel from heaven.hehe

  11. Trena says:

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  12. gem ladera says:

    Ate Kryz, what is your webhost? is it a local one or an international one like dreamhost or hostgator?
    and are you using the wordpress system?

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