Just the way it is

WAGW cardigan (SOLD OUT), Vintage belt, Windsor Skirt, The Little Things She Needs blue necklace and wedges, Butingtings Moustache and Cross necklaces, Goody Hair Tie

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Feeling preppy in a neutral toned outfit and fresh pops of blue, just the way I like it. The weather in Cebu is still pretty bipolar so I adjust with an equally bipolar outfit- read: cardigan, suede wedges and a ponytail. Which reminds me, I need to find a sure fire hair stylist in Cebu to cut my Rapunzel hair before it devours my face and the rest of my torso! Any suggestions?


In case you haven’t read, tomorrow, Camille and I will no longer push through with our MEET THE BLOGGERS spiel in WAGW LimKetKai CDO. Instead, we will be volunteering at Xavier University. Hoping everyone who was planning to meet us at WAGW can do the same instead! Share your time and give the gift of love and help this Christmas!