Kerry Hotel, Pudong

Shanghai’s first stop- Kerry Hotel, Pudong! Located at Hua Mu road, and right beside Shanghai conference center, Century Park and a Mall, Kerry Hotel was the perfect place for us to unwind and experience youthful modern luxury in Shanghai. Having no idea what to expect in this city, I’m glad we got a sense of familiarity and home here. It is after all a part of Shangri-la group’s newest hotels. And when I hear Shangri-la, I know exactly what to expect- five star service and nothing less! Let me take you around our hotel and you’ll see why we spent the entire first day just exploring it, and why this is possibly my lengthiest post to date!

A welcome note is always much appreciated, especially when it comes with a yummy basket of fruits and chocolate. Yummm! This is really nit picking it, but I love how their fruit basket is actually filled with yummy fruits, and not just some lame display. Thanks, Shangrila!

We stayed at the Club Premier Parkview Room, which had a nice spacious spread, living area and our bed overlooking the most beautiful view of Pudong! See those matching villas? They say that’s the most expensive residential area in Shanghai! This view and our bed made it sooo hard for me to get up in the morning! I spent so long just rolling around bed and working (even on vacation!) in my Yamamay silk jammies!

My 2 favorite spots in our room would have to be the tub overlooking more gorgeous top views of the city, and this really nifty make up table, which was the perfect place for fixing up before heading out! The room also had a separate walk in closet where we dumped all shopping bags and luggages before I shot this to keep things neat! There are so many reasons why five star hotels charge a premium for their rooms. They are able to provide you maximum comfort, without you having to ask for it, even in the smallest of details. So if you’re really looking to relax and unwind- then the splurge is beyond worth it!

Kerry Hotel also boasts of having the biggest gym in Asia (and the friendliest manager, Andrew!), Kerry Sports. The moment I walked in, my jaw dropped. Wouldn’t it be totally awesome to head out here every day? It’s so clean and spacious, and they have everything you could ever imagine!

They gym has two floors, classes you can sign up for, and trainers to help you out. Andrew also told us that they’re opening a gym just like this at the new Shangri-la hotel in the Fort! Caaaan’t wait!

Similar to other Shangri-la hotels, because we stayed at one of The Club rooms, we get to have breakfast at the Club Lounge. You get less choices, but more privacy. And because we like our personal space (and we just can’t get enough of that gorgeous view), we have breakfast here every single day!

At the Club Lounge, you can hold meetings in their conference rooms, have afternoon coffee or cocktails or watch TV for free. The Club guests can also opt to check in here away from the crowd at the main lobby.

Now if you’re totally hung up on the hotel like we were, you can opt to have the rest of your meals inside by choosing from their 3 restaurants- The Cook, The Meat and The Brew.

The Cook is where you can have buffet breakfast when you aren’t a guest at The Club. For lunch and dinner, they serve a whole lot of cuisines that you can choose from created by 13 different design kitchens. Their type of buffet allows you to talk to each chef in each kitchen so they can customize your meal for you!

The place was pretty packed when we arrived, and for that day only, they were serving regular buffet to be able to accomodate everyone quickly. This is how my plate looked like. Well, thats probably 1/3rd of it!

Another point of interest is their Adventure zone for kids. Unlike the Adventure Zone I’m very familiar with at Shangri-la Mactan, this place was HUGE! 700 sq meters of pure childhood right there. My nephews and nieces would have gone crazy here. Even we had fun! I’m such a rollercoaster junkie, but they had rides I’d never try! Can you imagine going down a totally vertical slide??? Crazy!

They also have 3 different party rooms that families can rent out, and a “safer” play area for younger kids.

Going up further, you’ll find the heated indoor pool, and outdoor rooftop garden with a jogging track and bouncy house. We stayed here for a bit just to cool down with drinks and ice cream on that hot and humid day.

Because I couldn’t decide which restaurant was best, we had Day 2 lunch at The Meat, just to try it out. I loved how the interiors of the restaurant were so spot on from the bull chandeliers to the pony haired wallpaper!

To the steak lovers, they have the largest prime selection of grass-fed beef available in Shanghai, including the signature “Ningaloo Tomahawk,” displayed in a dedicated meat aging room. And to the non-meat eaters like me, they have tons of seafood to choose from too!

I was reaaaally full from breakfast though, so while everyone had their steaks and seafood, I stuck with a truffle risotto. But I definitely would rather have eaten some seafood!

Here I am going down the rabbit hole into a world of mystery and adventure!!! Sike! I’m actually at this totally amazing place I’ve never seen before in my life- The Brew! This is probably what makes this hotel totally awesome and “youthfully luxurious”. They have their own brewing chamber and brew master, Leon!

At night, we got to do beer taste testing which was totally fun and awesome. I’m not a beer drinker, and Leon made it his challenge to change my mind. The verdict? There are sooo many different types of beer that you’re bound to find a kind you like! My favorite one was the last one he gave us and also the sweetest of the bunch. Honestly, I just loved it cause it tasted like juice. 😛

 Can you believe I drank all of that??? No?? Okay good because I didn’t. lol

We finally end our looong amazing day with a relaxing trip to the spa. It’s no Chi Spa, but the massage was still pretty awesome. I felt weird at first when they asked me to do some Tai Chi stretching before hand, but it totally worked in loosening up my muscles. I wish I could say the massage was good, but I fell asleep about 5 minutes in lol. I was so exhausted and probably utterly relaxed by my masseuses dexterous hands that she had me snoozing so fast!

And when I got back to my room, the sheets were turned down and we got a special treat of candy, cupcakes and cookies. Somehow, I felt so at home (like my mom was there to take care of me the entire day!) Now that’s definitely Shangri-la showing us how hospitality is done.

Special Thanks to Sunny Gao of Kerry Hotel for showing us around, and to Carol Kong of Shangri-la’s head office for being so accomodating!