We made our way to Kitsilano beach, despite everyone telling us that the beaches we have back home are way better. (They’re right, by the way. It just doesn’t compare. It just doesn’t. lol) We honestly just wanted a taste of salt water amidst all the concrete we’ve been seeing, and the cool breeze + peaceful scene was definitely what we signed up for. You could totally head over with a good book and just lounge there, and no one would bother you! I would say that this part of town is more residential, and more for families than friends. They have schools, parks, the beach (duh) and quieter streets to walk around in. Kits (as the locals say) has a more White community as opposed to the Chinkier side of BC, and it’s the part of town where you get the most number of yogi’s and health shops (right up my alley!). It’s just expensive to live here because real estate in Vancouver (and the BC area in general) is quite insane right now. After strolling along the beach, Mom and I obviously sniffed our way to a good coffee shop (Elysian Coffee) and warmed up with some sweets and lattes before making our way back. Wish we had more time to explore this side of town, but I guess I’ll just have to come back to see the rest!


Zara sweater, H&M beanie, Saucony sneakers, Mulberry bag

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