Kryz and Slater’s Tokyo Vlog

So excited to share this travel video with you guys (as per ushe!!!) This trip gave me an hour worth of videos to sort through 😅 so you know we really had a good time. Either that, or I subconsciously wanted to document it more just because this was our first international trip together! Either way I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as we did! <3 Happy Sunday from Tokyo!

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32 Responses to Kryz and Slater’s Tokyo Vlog

  1. MJ says:

    You two are so sweeet :* Crossing my fingers to meet you one day :)

  2. Jav says:

    Got me excited on my upcoming Japan trip! Btw, what camera do you use for your travel videos? Thanks!

  3. Reina says:

    You guys are so amazing together and I’m so excited to see more of your adventures!

  4. krisha says:

    Ka-cute! <3 <3 <3

  5. Jennifer says:

    Tokyo looks so fun!
    Great video. I really enjoyed it. :)

  6. Vivian says:

    So cute together!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  7. Love Delos Reyes says:

    Cutest couple ever!

  8. Klah - Klah says:

    Ka lingaw hahhahaha! I always love the music sa imong mga vlogs! ♥

  9. Sallie says:

    your aura so different when you’re with Slater. awee you edit your own vids?

  10. Micah says:

    Hi kryz! Just curious, what do you do to maintain your teeth? They are soo white and straight! Have you ever tried whitening them?

  11. Tanya says:

    But didn’t you and Slater already go to Tokyo before with Nicole? hahaha

  12. gab says:

    got ur book :)

  13. Karla de Veyra says:

    Hi Kryz! I’m a big fan of yours. Can I ask something? How do you keep ur hair soft? ❤️

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