Kuala Lumpur Day 2

Okay, these photos weren’t exactly taken on my second day in Malaysia, they’re a mix of events from my trip that I haven’t talked to you about yet. Among which: The Aquarium, shopping at the Pavillion, and having a wild delicious dinner at Jalan Alor!

Because it was Independence Day, we were lucky enough to witness a dive-show in the aquarium! The crowd was pretty intense though, so I’m lucky I got to snap away without much trouble. I would have loved to show you guys more of the cool things inside, but the sheer number of cameras on each animal made it nearly impossible to get anything but their screens!

When I go out of the country, I love eating like the locals. I make it a point to try their cuisine via hawker sites or ask my friends living in the area to take me around. It’s so different experiencing a city through the eyes of a local as compared to a tourist! That’s why when these girls and I got the suggestion via instagram to visit the street food market called Jalan Alor, we were all for it! The food was a gastronomic feast! Not to sure about the cleanliness of the place, but hey, none of us got sick!

For a day in the city walking around and doing a bunch of different activities, I chose an easy to wear and breathe in cotton combi that I swear- I could have slept in! It was the perfect choice for a looong day! And of course, everything from my fave shop WAGW(winkwink)!

What do you think?

WAGW top, earrings, skirt, bracelets, ring; Tory Burch bag, Goody hair elastic, Zara sandals

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