La Vie En Paris

After 8 years, I finally made my way back to my second home. P A R I S. To those of you who don’t know, I lived in Paris for a few months when I was 18, where I studied a Post Graduate course on Luxury Brand Management. Strange to study something Post grad when I hadn’t even graduated yet at that time! The reason why this city holds so much meaning to me is because it’s where I grew up. I mean… it’s where I really grew up- as an adult. 8 years ago, I was thrown into the real world continents away from home and straight into the city of love. I was 18, put in a bubble my whole life- and then suddenly- BOOM- left in Paris to fend for myself. The life lessons I learned are priceless, and the city I learned them in? My favorite.

Fast forward to 2016- I finally got the chance to fly back. My agenda for Day 1? Visit the Palais Royal! Back then, I lived 2 minutes away from here and walked around this place every single day. I couldn’t really afford anything on my student budget back then, so it was nice to get to sit down with this view and buy myself a cup of coffee. It took me 8 years, but hey, I’m here! We ended up not really liking the coffee or the snooty barista (as witnessed here), but the experience and mems are priceless. Enjoy!x

Photos by Jack of TheSundayProject


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52 Responses to La Vie En Paris

  1. Heidi says:

    Very beautiful photos!

  2. aiczzz says:

    Paris is love!! I’m sooo kilig with the vids and post about Paris tour. Will def visit this place soooooooonn (crossing fingers).
    Btw, where did you get your cure top and coat?

  3. Rachel Mutia says:

    I love how practical your Paris wardrobe is! No frills, not trying to hard. Comfort is everything.

  4. Mei says:

    Hi Kryz – loooove the photos! <3 Did you get to learn the french language since you were in Paris for a few months? :)

  5. Georgina says:

    You’re getting prettier everytime I see new blog post of yours. I really love your skin!!

  6. Czy says:

    wooow kryyyz!!! your photos are so gooooood! i wonder who takes your photos when you are traveling alone… btw, i ship u and slater heheh avid fan of yours here!! best of luck :’)

  7. Gwensteffani says:

    watta good photography skill you got there kryz! lovin it way mooore. What kind of camera are you using? So good in quality, and the way you do editing, feels natural tho. whats your photo editor, i wanna try it! Btw, amazing blog!!!

  8. Vi says:

    Hi, Kryz! My family and I are planning to go to Europe. Did you book a tour from Trafalgar or the like? Or did you guys tour on your own?

  9. Love your blog kryz! I’m a fan of yours! You’re my no. 1 fashion inspo ❤

  10. says:

    Bonjour Kryz,

    I am a new reader, a Filipina living in the French province of Quebec, Canada.
    I studied the French language and use it in my everyday life.
    I noticed the title, not quite right— did you mean “La vie Parisienne” or ” Ma vie à Paris” ?

    Thank you.


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