La Vie Parisienne

If there’s one thing I miss about living in Paris, it’s heading to a french boulangerie every morning before school, grabbing a cup of coffee and a baguette, pain au chocolat or eclair and stuffing my face full of them on my way to the Metro. Ahh Parisian life. It’s a world of sweets and carbs galore, but no one gets fat! (Except when my face grew a few inches wider while I was there!) So imagine my surprise when this little place called “La Vie Parisienne” opened somewhere along Salinas Drive in Lahug! What attracted me to actually head over to this place was the huge photo of a croissant outside the shop with the words “French” splashed on top of it! How very… french!

Sunday’s are my date days. I usually go out on a movie with my nephew, bond with my mom or dad, be weird with mike, or chill with my best friend. For this particular weekend, Gillian and I decided to grab some coffee and macarons over a looong catch up afternoon! When we headed to the cashier of the bakery, she asked us if we were sisters, and we immediately responded “Yes of course, we’re twins!” We get that a lot. Do you think we look the same?

Ahhh champagne, macarons and hanging out with your girl friends, what can be better on a sunday afternoon than that? Well… a croissant or two!

For the simple occasion, I wore something minimalist and comfortable.  A plain white top and rust colored skorts with long necklaces and nude heels. Sometimes less is more, and when you plan on a chill out classy afternoon like this, simplicity definitely works!

What do you think?

Sabellissima top (similar here), Sheinside skort, Mango Touch heels, Neil Felipp Cuff, Young and Sweet Chevron necklaces, Anagon love necklace

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96 Responses to La Vie Parisienne

  1. Pat says:

    Hi Kryz! I like this look! Can I just ask what underwear you wore under that top? hehe.

  2. MD Ayomi says:

    Very comfort outfit..I love the skort and the top..Awesome look!


    My Journey

  3. Ewelina Blue says:

    I must say, that I love this skirt/short on You :)
    You look so shine my darling :*

  4. Sab Gonzaga says:

    Hi Kryz!

    Love this look! Simple yet elegant. <3 Glad you like the top I sent you. :-)

  5. Lourine says:

    You really look like sisters. My girlfriends used to visit me too before the week ends despite the busy scheds. I love how it feels :)

  6. Tiana says:

    Kryz. You’re perfect……..Your legs, seriously. :,(

  7. anna Kath says:

    hi kryz! i just want to ask some thing about sheinside. when I saw the white bohemian style dress you wore, i got convinced i need to check sheinside’s stuffs. so i decided to order 2 dresses to try their free shipping. i tracked my order and found out that it arrived here in the philippines July 8th,and according to the site I need to get it from the postal office, my question is have you tried their free shipping if yes what’s the procedure/process to claim it? is there a docu that post office will be sending or do I just go there and give my tracking num? hope you can give me info. thank you! :)

    • Kryz says:

      Yup! I just wait for the post office to send me a note saying its ready for pick up na. Then I pay 40 pesos and claim it :)

  8. Hello Ms. Kryz Uy.
    I am a big fan of yours and I just can’t help myself to admire you so much especially when it comes to your fashion style and being an entrepreneur.

    I am a Business Administration student major in Marketing at the University of San Carlos – Main Campus and this coming August 25, 2013 (Sunday) we will be having our 8th Entrepreneur Fair and it will be held at Ayala Activity Center , as one of the organizers, I would like to invite you to have a talk about your life as a fashion blogger as well as being a businesswoman on how did you handle these things together. In a way you could also inspire us. : )

    I would really be happy if you can reply me through my email ad – or you can contact me – 09333675545. Hope you can share with us your experiences and learnings on how to be a successful entrepreneur.

    Thank you very much!
    – Daniellane –

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  10. annjoie says:

    Ohh my twin (close friend) and i really thought you’re twins. Hahaha! I liked everything you wore so simple and classy! :)

  11. Krizia says:

    hi kryz!

    what lipstick did you use?nice kasi eh
    love the way you dress.. your always elegant.. :)

  12. Alyssa says:

    Where is this ate Kryz? :)))

  13. christina says:

    hii kryz,i’m a big fan of youu
    i’m just wondering what size did you wear for this skort?
    really want to order in the web but they don’t have size s so i’m not sure with the size
    and what size did you normally wear in uk/us size?
    thx for helping me=)

  14. fritzjann says:

    Hi Miss Kryz,

    I’ll come home this May and I’ll definitely go to this place… seems so nice..

    so pwede ba talaga sa may wine area nila? or sa labas lang?

    thanks so much

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