Leather and Sparkle

Sequins and Leather aren’t exactly the first things that come to mind when you’re dressing for the day in a tropical country, but hey, that doesn’t stop it from looking good, right? Besides, how boring would it be if we all stuck with comfortable cotton all the time!

I wore this look when I “toured” my friends from Manila around Cebu. And I say that in quotation marks because the only place we actually went to was the Ayala Center shopping mall where they bought a few things they deemed necessary for the Sinulog festivities happening the next day (like cheapo shoes, paint, whistles and all that). I also took the opportunity to bring them to our newly renovated (and flagship) store in the same mall where they shopped to their hearts content (Mwahahaha). I didn’t even need to convince them to shop, the merchandise spoke to them for me! (Shamless plug)

I decided to wear a look that I could easily transition from day to night since the streets were packed with traffic jams, and I knew I didn’t have time to head home and change anymore. The good thing about sequins is their innate ability to look effortlessly glamorous, especially in loose cropped silhouettes like this. I wish I had a sequinned tank for all occasions! They’re such a no brainer outfit solution, don’t you think?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASequin top (similar here), Romwe skirt (similar here), Zara sandals, Mom’s bag 

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