Let there be FRINGE!

Forever 21 Jacket, Boheme top, Club Couture Skirt, Call It Spring Wedges, Vintage LV Bag
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I can’t believe my break is over! I sadly left Bora a few days back, and now I’m leaving Cebu to get back to work in the big city. Sigh. Time flies so fast! It’s so strange how different my life becomes depending on which city I find myself in. It’s almost impossible to pack without bringing home my whole wardrobe! Anyhow, I spent the morning segregating my clothes to “keep” and “sell” piles for the bazaar on the 27th. Getting excited to meet all of you! Hope to see you there (and I hope you guys like my clothes)!

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10 Responses to Let there be FRINGE!

  1. Gela says:

    i’ve really got to give this fringe trend a shot soon. it looks so fun!

    boat ride through the sky

  2. i remember wearing fringe dress during a party, i had a blast while dancing in my outfit!

  3. chesca says:

    love your wedges!

    may i ask, where is this bazaar on the 27th?

  4. tricia says:

    cool necklace! may i know where you got it?;D

  5. cath says:

    i was debating whether to buy that top! but then, thinking about my work and how i almost never get to go out and show off the clothes i get (and not to mention the fact that i have a very small imagination with coming up with good clothing combinations – meaning i THINK i don’t have things that match with it), i decided no nalang. but it IS really pretty looking. sa pictures nalang. :)

  6. han says:

    where did u get the top?

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