#Let’s Be Honest

I’m keepin’ it real here. Who really has all the luxury to dress up in heels and look fab all the time? Bloggers? Well, no. If you aren’t a billionaire housewife who’s just naturally gorgeous with sweat-proof skin and make up, then yeah, maybe you. But for the rest of us normal girls out there, we need rest days! Here’s what I have on when I’m lazy- a loose top, some loose normal fitting trousers, a huge dump-all tote, clean make up and the comfiest flats in the world. Doesn’t this look like something a mom would wear? (No offence, moms!) It’s chic practicality! #ImSoMature #GrowingUp A girl’s gotta be comfy, and she’s gotta listen to her body! What do you think?

Bayo top (similar here), Cesa pants, Pretty little Blings necklace and bracelet and gold rings, Michael Kors bag (similar here), Louis Vuitton wallet, Hush Puppies flats

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