Let’s Get Away

In attempts to keep myself and my busy-bee of a boyfriend stress free, we make it a point to enjoy our weekends and holidays by spending it relaxing around the city- or anywhere near it. Last week, we found ourselves in Abaca resort– a luxury boutique resort in Mactan Island. They also own a chain of restaurants in the city, including Phat Pho, which I wrote about here. Mike and I had an incredible day at this resort, and I hope you guys enjoy this day with us through my mini photo diary below. Enjoy!

We started our day with breakfast, which you need to call in and reserve in advance. They normally only serve breakfast for in house guests, so if you’re planning to eat there without booking a room like we did, all you need to do is make a reservation, and they will accommodate you and your schedule. Breakfast costs around 900++ per person, and they give you a menu to choose from which includes a whole list of super scrumptious delights! Can you guess what I got???

Mike had the Abaca Baked Skillet Omelette which came with it’s own side of bacon and potatoes (you can choose different sides depending on your taste.) This was absolute cheesy perfection! Do not order this if you are on a diet! It’s really good, really rich and I’m pretty sure- really fat filled too!

I, on the other hand, took all my willpower and stayed away from my usual smoked salmon choice, and went with the Banana and Mango Pancakes instead. They were super delish too, but Mike and I ended up trading plates because I can’t stand too much of anything sweet, and this was a pretty huge serving!

Right outside the restaurant, we found a little garden where they grow their own herbs!

Breakfast with a view. This is what we were blessed enough to look out on while enjoying our meal together. Isn’t it beautiful? This resort is really small and cozy, which is perfect if you’re just looking for a weekend getaway!

Good thing I was wearing this breezy maxi dress on our day date because the wind was blowing like crazy! This dress comes in a pretty thick and heavy fabric so instead of going all gone with the wind on me, it flowed so gracefully and saved me the hassle of trying to go after it! I really love this dress, but my sister grabbed it from me right after I wore it because she said she needed it more. She saw the cut and the fabric and knew right then and there how flattering it would be!

If Mike and I had a bit more time on our hands, we could’ve gotten massages too! Abaca has a spa! We haven’t tried it yet, but it looks pretty good! A massage after a good meal, and a view like this? Now that’s the life! And people ask me why I’m still in Cebu. I wonder- why isn’t everyone else here yet? #LoveYourOwn

What do you think?

Details dress (similar here), Charlotte Russe sandals from KoutletsMiss Sartorial bracelet, Tommy Hilfiger watch from Meridian Timepieces

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