Let’s go to the Beach

When my good friends and co-bloggers Laureen and Camille came to Cebu a few days ago, going to the beach was the first thing on their agendas (well, aside from seeing me of course!) So we took them to Movenpick, a five star resort at Mactan Cebu. It was my first time there after their 500million peso renovation, so I was excited to see what they had in store for us. Boy were we impressed! Not only do they have a killer ambiance and a super relaxing vibe, they also had Ibiza, a restaurant by the sea (see below) with a jacuzzi, comfortable lounges hanging just on top of the water, unlimited wine and lobster (and some good meats too!) We had the perfect night! Too bad I wasn’t able to snap some photos, but trust me when I say it’s worth every penny!

Because it’s summer and I’m sure a good number of you are heading to the beach, here are a few of the new things I have to keep me company in the next coming months!

Bayo bikinis, Jason Wu x Melissa slippers, Zero UV sunnies

Honestly, getting new bikinis every summer is a must for me, just because I’m anal like that. I keep frequenting the beach anyway, so I’m sure to get maximum use from them. The ones I have above are both from Bayo, and it’s great because the have a good number of styles without the hefty price tag! So if you wanna keep switching looks like me, its a good place to get your summer stock from. Plus they have a promo right now where you upload a photo of yourself wearing at least one Bayo item and you get a chance to win a trip to Boracay and stay at Discovery Shores! (For more details, head on to their facebook page) I’m heading there myself this summer, so join in and hope to see you there!

Anyone heading to the beach also has to stock up on pretty slippers! I got these two Roxy flip flops at Res-toe-run and can’t wait to mix and match them up with my swimsuits! I actually had a hard time picking my choice of footwear from Res-toe-run since they had soooooo many choices! I always head there when I need special shoes or slippers because they always have all the good brands, whether its for the beach or for travelling or for crazy Sinulog parties!

Last but not the least, I discovered this brand that my mom, sisters and I can’t get over. It’s Oka-b and I had it shipped all the way to the Philippines from the states because I heard so much about it. They fit me like a glove, which is perfect because shoes tend to be too wide for my narrow feet. Plus, for those who don’t like wearing slippers, you can easily wear this to the beach and not worry if it gets wet! Perfect for nights on the shore, don’t you think?

What are your summer must haves?

Esther cover up, Roxy bikini (similar here)

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