Let’s talk: Insensitive posts and haters

Sawadee Ka from Thailand! Here’s a quick get ready with me video + chit chat about some sensitive issues. It’s not my usual topic but it’s real, honest ME and it has to be said. If you want to know how I feel about insensitive posts, why I haven’t said anything, why I’m into Youtube now, or how I deal with haters- then watch the video below. Oh, I also slightly talk about how I contour my nose. 😛 Enjoy,and don’t forget to subscribe!

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45 Responses to Let’s talk: Insensitive posts and haters

  1. Jolene says:

    OMG!! Love you xx

  2. Kristine Jimenez says:

    Can we see what make-uo and get-ready stuff you bring trips? :)

  3. Emily Raisa says:

    Haters gonna hate hahaha

    How long do you leave the hair roller on, Ms. Kryz?

  4. Jordan M. says:

    Preach, Ms. Kryz, preach! This is why I am a big fan of yours. Keep doing what you do, and let the naysayers cast their doom and gloom someplace else.

  5. Chym Fernandez says:

    Pyralvex Solution is the best cure for your singaw. Love you kryz!

  6. cams says:

    yes. I agree with u kryz. i really like you talaga coz u’re being true to urself. nice preach!

  7. Nika says:

    All the things you’ve said are on point! Keep the good vibes coming. :)

  8. Jennifer says:

    I really liked your video! I loved your honesty and positivity. :)

  9. Abby says:

    it may sound cliche’ but you’re right , you can’t please everyone so for bloggers out there,uhmm I guess the first thing you have to learn is how to deal with the haters :) love your video kryzz…Im also a blogger , who loves beauty and currently living in Cebu

  10. Graceline Leonido says:

    Ganda talaga! Love this vid ❤️

  11. Theresa says:

    I love how vocal you are Ms. Kryz!

  12. Klah - Klah says:

    Me too! I really pissed of when someone making bad comments esp here. To think its your blog, it’s about yourself how come they will complain about this and that. Nga imoha man ni. Di man ni ilaha dba? From the Island souvenir shirt, to duling issue, fashion victim daw to this sunnies thing. Hahahahahaha! About the make up tutorials, di man sila mugasto sa imong make up ikaw man hahaha! Cge mao rato haha! More grwm vids kryz. Hahaha!

  13. yanssene says:

    nag rarant din pala si Kryz uy. rant na yan para saken kasi laging sweet voice ka eh hehe <3 Tama we cannot please everybody, yan talga ang nakakainis sa social media ngayon, you can easily be judge by everyone kahit walang alam sa buhay mo, as if may maitutulong yung comment kahit masakit wala silang pakialam. Hindi nila alam, for some people mahirap magbuild ng confidence, ung iba dinadagdagan pa yung negativities and people now can easily be affected by what they call insensitive post kahit hindi sa kanila nagpepertain at kahit wala naman talaga silang pakialam. Minsan lang ako makabasa ng hater sa comment section ng post mo, pero im glad that youre answering them in a more starightforward manner. Kahit masarap minsan magtanggol at sumagot para sayo, I think it will be best kung ikaw nalang, para di kumalat ang negativities. We love you Kryz, keep doing what you love, keep smiling and stay positive. You inspire people. HAHA sorry ngayon lang naman humaba comment ko, I wish gumaling na yang singaw mo, that means daw humihina immune system! ingat!

  14. How I deal with my haters in one word… Silence.

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