Lights, Camera, Action

Hello friends! Here’s a break from all the curated content and jetting around the world. Today’s post will be back to Kryz. A quick update on my current situation. I’m sitting down in front of my computer right now chatting with you guys cause… I need a break. Whew! It’s been crazy lately. My dad keeps complaining that he rarely sees me cause I have one trip/event/activity after another. We’re trying to find a day to get everyone free for our annual family photo, and it’s always my schedule that’s messing it up. Next month, I’ll only get to see my family for about 5 days. It’s craaaazy to think this is even happening. I mean, when I was younger, I never even thought I could do all this, let alone get out of the house without supervision. Fast forward to today, I’m faced with more and more challenges on the daily because I’m constantly stepping out of my comfort zone and venturing into something new. Personal blog- Fashion blog- Travel blog- Bag line- Book… what’s next?It’s scary. Most of the time, it’s stressful (especially when you’re PMSing- sorry Slater!) But even in the midst of all this- sitting down right now, talking to you guys, just sort of makes everything fall back into place. After 7 years of friendship, you guys are still here for me through all my ups and downs. That’s so beautiful and I’m the luckiest girl alive. Thank you. <3

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