Lisbon, Portugal

You can’t visit Portugal and not hit Lisbon, correct? With only 48 hours to see everything, Jack and I made a 3 hour trip to the capital. It was packed and super rushed, but we really wanted to see what it’s like and soak up a bit of its energy, even if we knew we’d only get a taste of it. We walked around the cobblestoned streets, looked at the street performers and tourists, admired the pastel colored buildings against the beautiful sunset and had the most delicious dinner with the head chef at Akla Restaurant. (We also had a tad too much to drink, which you’ll soon see in my Vlog coming at you on the 22nd of Oct, so stay tuned!)

 Because we were in a bit of a rush, I didn’t take as much photos as I normally do. I really wanted to get the most out of the little time that we had by observing the locals and getting a feel of how the people here move and live. At the Praça do Comércio or Commercial Square, things were a bit chaotic with tourists taking photos left and right (myself included).

We walked for an hour and a half all the way to Akla Restaurant in Intercontinental Lisbon. It was quite the trek because of the city’s hilly nature, but we got to see more of the city and it was totally worth it. I wish I could have spent more time here to show you guys exactly what to see and where to go, but I guess I’ll just have to fly back to do that 😜. Til next time, Lisbon!

Earrings and Bag from February