Little Saigon Big Bangkok

If you are a true and loyal follower of this blog- Horray for you! Thank you very much! haha. You’ve probably noticed that I’ve worn this skirt already in the past. And if you know when exactly I did wear it, grabe ka! Claps for you! I wore it the last time I was in Bangkok with my blogger besties. So I thought it would be fun to commemorate the occasion by eating in the most authentic Thai resto in Cebu- Little Saigon Big Bangkok!

When I first ate at this resto, they were located somewhere along Guadalupe. This time though, they’ve moved to a better location so much closer and easier to get to (for me at least!) inside the compound along 1 Paseo Saturnino Drive, where most of my fave restos are (Rica’sAntica Osteria).

It’s not a fancy shmacy place, and the ambiance is really authentic, so it really gets the mood for Thai going. They write their menu on chalk boards up on the walls, or tell you about their day’s specials when the waiters help you order. Most of the time, they have stuff that you don’t find on the menu, but they will gladly make for you!

Spring Roll Goi Con (P50 each)– You can choose between a Vegetarian one or a meaty one. This is Mikes fave thing to order, and he always makes sure to grab one whenever he picks me up from Yoga (near the area). Its a lot of cold fresh veggies, so it makes for a really healthy snack.

Mieng Kam Large (P200)– These are literally herbs and nuts on leaves, and they taste surprisingly good! They are very light though, so don’t rely on them for a snack or a meal!

Cha Gio (P50 each)– Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

Tom Yum Goong (P300)- Really spicy Tom Yum soup! I loved the flavor on this one! I find it especially yummy when mixed with plain white jasmine rice. Yuuum.

Thai Tandoori Chicken (P320)- Mike said this was really good, so you’ll have to take his word for it since I wasn’t able to try it out myself.

Call them at: 63-32-3548013; +639173119859; +639177103900
Find them at: 1 Paseo Saturnino Drive ( Old Maria Luisa Road) Banilad, Maria Luisa, Cebu city or at their Food Cart at BTC Mall

 I know it’s silly to base your meals on where you last wore your outfit (totally weird idea), but I like doing weird things and acting goofy. It makes life so much more fun and colorful- and rule-less!

I wore an all blue and white outfit, posed with a rubber band on my wrist and some Serenitea as a prop- see, I say there are no rules! Just be yourself! I love blogging and taking photos, but that doesn’t mean I have to sensor and over edit everything right? I hope you guys still accept me for who I am- a weirdo and all!

Romwe top, Zero UV sunnies, Motel Rocks skirt, Choies heels, Michael Kors bag

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