Live Strong

I never thought I’d ever get writers block but here I am- With absolutely nothing to say. So, forgive me if this might be a little vague and If I can’t elaborate further. The only thing I can share with you today is this: I have so many things on my mind right now contradicting each other, pushing me to move, bringing me to tears and making me realize things I never wanted to. Life is full of surprises, and that isn’t always a good thing. When you never thought in a million years that something could happen, and it does; when lies and hurt come between two people you never thought would fall apart; when a decade of friendship is strained with careless decisions; when you never thought you could feel any worse, and every second you do. It’s tough. It’s heavy, and I won’t burden you with the details. But I do hope that one day I can look back on this difficult time with a strong heart. Hoping everyone has the courage to face their problems today, even when they find that the solutions they need are even harder to accept and do.

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23 Responses to Live Strong

  1. Oh gloomy says:

    I wish you strength and support!
    This is a finnish song but it was one of the songs that brought me trough a rough time once in my life. So I wish the feeling can be passed on and you may find some comfort in it. I roughly translated the chorus for you (in finnis the words for him/her can mean both gender).

    Where did the days disappear
    when you didn’t see anything
    that he/her didn’t also see?
    Where did the days disappear
    during which him/her got used to
    being in your arms?

  2. Vivian says:

    Stay strong~ Praying for you~



  3. Quang Hue says:

    Amitabha, hi Kryz, our friendship should stay as Dharma friends only. Love between two different sexes by itself don’t exist xoxo. You should visit my other website and read the Illustrated Dharmapada Sutra, the Affection chapter then you’ll feel much better ^^, sincerely, Divine Quang Hue.

  4. Geela Garcia says:

    Stay strong Ms. Kryz!! I love you so much and I believe that you can surpass that problem because you’re my role model!! :) We’re always here for you. :)

    *virtual hug* <3

  5. Treena Pamintuan says:

    I read in Joanna Ladrido’s that you gained weight and I had to check it out myself. I’m not a regular reader of yours so its obvious but I’m not saying it’s bad so hopefully you don’t take offence. Actually looks super kaduper nice cause it brings out your curvaceousness! Besides you still look skinny only now you look more womanly! How do you make yourself look so tall though? I read somewhere you’re only 5 ft

  6. Shane Venturina says:

    Hi Ms.Kryz . I admire you so much that I always check your website like daily . Whatever it is that you are going through, always remember: “If God had let you to it , He will let you through it “. You know nothing is impossible in God and I have proven it :) Just trust in Him :)

  7. Lydia says:

    Hope you’re feeling alright! Prayers for you! Stay strong and know your readers are here!

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