Living the Life: Estoril, Portugal

Bom Dia, Estoril! Jack and I are off again to our #InterContinentalLife adventures. This time, we InterContinental has given me the Ambassador status, which means they can tailor fit my vacations based on what exactly I love and need! We made it all the way to the beautiful European coast of Portugal! I came from a shoot in Thailand and flew back to Manila to meet up with Jack (who flew from Cebu). We both flew to Amsterdam and then to Lisbon and after about 30-35 hours in transit- WE FINALLY MADE IT! Only to spend.. just 1 full day in the city! Definitely too short for such a beautiful place. On our first day though, we made sure to soak in some R&R at our hotel located right at the beach front, InterContinental Estoril.

Jack and I got 2 twin beds in our room and couldn’t resist putting on some cozy bathrobes and hanging out just like we used to. The room gave off such a luxurious but approachable beachy feel, with all the deep blue hues and linear elements. It even came with a Kelly Slater surfing book- which really reflected the brand’s local know-how! ​

The most interesting part? The Bathroom. They had a color wheel in there and you could choose which color the lights would be when you showered! How trippy!

We also had our very own balcony facing the pool and then the coast. Each room in the hotel has this same view. Isn’t it gorgeous???

Our first agenda was lunch. We had some of the yummiest and freshest seafood at the Lobby lounge restaurant at the hotel. The best part  was eating with such an immaculate view of the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal is known for their good seafood, and at the lobby lounge, it was one of the best I’ve ever had! They don’t need to over season or over flavor the food, because it’s so delicious on its own!

The main amenity this hotel has to offer is definitely the pool facing the ocean. I mean WOW. We made sure to wake up really early to have it all to ourselves because everyone loves hanging out here and tanning. This is the only hotel situated right in front of the ocean, so it’s definitely very special.

For dinner, we went next door to Atlantico Bar and Restaurant that boasted of the same crazy view. We mustn’t have gotten the memo that dinner starts at 8:30-9PM in Portugal, cause when we arrived at 7, we were the only ones there! At least we got to pick the best seat in the house- right by this view!

It gets quite cold in the evenings, so it’s nice that they provide blankets and heaters for those who want to sit outside. Jack and I shared clams for starters and had some of the best octopus I’ve ever had in my life, IT WAS PERFECT!!! I would definitely head back to Portugal, if only for the food!

InterContinental Estoril boasts of a view I would never get tired of seeing. Most of our time at the hotel, we spent lounging, eating and chilling by the pool. This one above was taken at the pool in the hotel spa. It’s run by luxury brand Elemis, which has really great skin care products. That alone already made me feel the 5star experience. I had the pleasure of getting one of their authentic Portugese massages too, on the house! The pressure was even and perfect, and the blend of olive oil, mineral salt and spices really gave me some much needed relaxation. Thanks to my new #InterContinental Ambassador status with IHG! Definitely worth the 60 hour travel, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Stay tuned for more stories about Cascais and Lisbon!