Looking Back at 2012

Today marks the very last day of the eventful year 2012. No, the world didn’t end. No, we haven’t solved poverty or achieved world peace, and no, we’re not riding hover boards and ordering robots around (yet!) But what a wonderful year it was. The Philippine economy took a huge leap through the skies (look at me being all mature!), fashion blogging became a household hobby (everyone and everyones mom had one!), I’ve given up my social life for instagram (kidding. or not.) and I’ve never been more thankful for all the amazing opportunities, experiences and people in my life. I’ve learned to be more positive and grateful this year, and I hope to continue and spread that feeling in the coming one.

To everyone who’s given a portion of their time to read this blog and made me a small part of their lives, I sincerely thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I never thought in a million years that I would get to fly around the world for work, endorse huge international brands, have people ask for my autograph and photos, meet a gazillion talented people and share my life with a whole lot of awesome readers. I am beyond overwhelmed and beyond grateful.

Hoping everyone has a great new year’s day and an even better 364 days of 2013 to come! Cheers!x