Making Noise

Can you imagine going to school in this number? Cause I totally can! I love how preppy my look turned out, despite it’s glamorous details! If anyone asked me to come up with a school girl outfit, gold shorts and a bib necklace would definitely not be the first things on my mind! But now that I’ve given that a shot, see how much life they bring to my look above? I really love being able to pull off unexpected things for certain occasions. It’s challenging to think out of the box, but it will test your resourcefulness and creativity, and improve your eye for style!

Instead of a high top ponytail, I went for a low messy and carefree bun. Instead of a satchel, I went for a native sling with a cute face detail on it. Instead of corduroy or tweed, I chose gold lame shorts. Instead of a necktie, I chose a neckpiece! These are just some of the few things I played around with to create a not-so-typical, yet still appropriate school girl outfit. It’s boring to just stay inside the lines, and do everything the same as everyone else. Sometimes you need to make noise- and a great outfit is a good way to start!

What do you think?

Giftsahoy top, Reecn sunnies (similar here), Goody hair tie, Cesa shorts (similar here), Sheinside heels (similar here), WAGW bag (old)

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