Mall of the Emirates

Amongst Dubai’s many beautiful and beyond a doubt grand malls is the Mall of the Emirates. I spent a good number of hours getting lost here, and finding myself from one corner to another, completely helpless! This is also the same place where Ski Dubai is, but more on that later! Don’t you love the architecture of this place? I felt like I was in a train station in Europe! For lunch, we headed over to Tribes Cafe as necessarily dictated by my Wifi signal. They are located near the fountain and beside Fauchon, so it’s a win win spot if you are a hungry blogger like me who needs to snap a few photos and sustain her energy with healthy amounts of macaroons and eclairs. Tribes was really good. When we ate there, a group was filming some sort of African song, so the whole restaurant was bursting with cheer and tribal music. The food was pretty good too. Order the white appetiser below (bad blogger forgot the name! sorry!) for a fun dose of savory flavor, and get the Salmon burger to keep you fueled up for all the shopping. Enjoy the photos!

H&M hat, WAGW vest, WAGW top, Topshop pants, Prada bag, Converse sneakers

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