Mane Dilemmas

My last trip to the Salon was at Entice in Ortigas to get my hair colored. Walked in with limp locks hoping to come out with bouncy colored ones. While I was excitedly telling the hair stylist about my candy colored dreams, he talked me out of it and said that my natural color was already great and that I shouldn’t mess with it. He refused to dye my hair! *tears* I want to try something different since I’ve had this style for 6 years already. I’ve never tried it before, and people keep telling me it will do nothing but destroy your hair and cost you a fortune. All I know is I want a new look and a prettier mane! I did the whole colored wig thing and I loved how it looked! Do you think I should still go for it? Really can’t decide!

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63 Responses to Mane Dilemmas

  1. Giana says:

    Many people would die for your hair so why not stick to it? :) It might just get damaged/really dry if, as seen in my friends’ colored hair.

    • Kryz says:

      I might just!

      • lian says:

        i understand how you feel about wanting a new look but i think with (beautiful) hair like yours, you have more to lose if your hair ends up getting damaged after it’s dyed. you’re already very good in changing up the way you style your hair everyday anyway. if you still want to dye your hair though, knowing the risk you’re taking, then go for it. after all, there are also a lot of products available now that promise to counter the damaging effects of dyeing your hair. just bear in mind that these promises are not always met. whatever you decide, i’m sure you’ll look great. hope you make your decision soon and that you’ll be happy with it :)

  2. Georj says:

    I have the same dilemma! (Sorry for not helping you then.) *confused*

  3. Nica says:

    It’s super cute!!! {curls} it’s so attractive and so light-(looking)

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