Manzzini Bags

Today I’m going to show you three beautiful Avon Manzzini bags inspired by the streets of Italy. I love how sleek and sophisticated they look, despite the affordable price range. They’re made from man made leather and hardware accents which make them pretty durable, but the part I love the most is how they all come with bag organizers that you can customize further by adjusting the velcro straps around it. So practical and clever! Take a look at each of them and tell me which one is your favorite? :)

Manzzini Bag with Keychain Holder- for practical girls who are always on the go! I hate it when I can’t find my keys, and I’m carrying a ton of stuff and late for a meeting. This bag will surely help you in those situations, while keeping you looking chic and sleek!

Manzzini Classic Bag- I love the cute lock design on this bag, and it’s classic shape. It will easily match with anything in your wardrobe without making you look like a boring plain jane!

Manzzini Luxe Satchel- My favorite part of this bag is the lock detail. I love how the chain hook makes it hard to open for wandering hands, but easy enough to unlock when in a rush. You can even hang cute bag charms on it! Plus, the color is so beautifully elegant!

 Which one do you like best?

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35 Responses to Manzzini Bags

  1. Kaye says:

    Wow.. Superb designs… When will it be available on the market Kryz? (out of curiosity) Will we be seeing you on Avon fliers endorsing these beautiful bags??

  2. Frannie says:

    These bags are gorgeous! But my fave has to be the classic one- cute and simple :)

  3. hani says:

    I really want this bag
    Pls help me…. how n where to buy

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