Memories from Bangkok

Welcome to the city that reminds me the most of Manila, Bangkok! Walking through the streets and looking at all the people and the buildings gives me such an eerie feeling because it’s so much like home, but in a way, also so different. Traffic is bad, people are kind, streets are busy, and you can get great massages at any corner for cheap. On the other hand, the street signs are all written in a different language and the food is completely different as well. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spendย as much time in this city as we did in Chiang Mai, so we took the opportunity to rest well, eat well and enjoy the beautiful urban setting.

Can you believe this view? Photos of the skyline were taken right from my room at the Pullman G Hotel. The room was all white and beautifully lit by the sunlight streaming through the floor to ceiling window. At night, it got even prettier.

Slater and I spent our only night in the city at Scarlett Restaurant on top of the Hotel. It boasts of the same beautiful view, and an equally impressive Australian menu and drinks selection. We had a lovely time watching the sun set over the city and just talking about how wonderful our little trip had been.

ย On our way back home, we were treated to The Bridge lounge at the Hong Kong International Airport while waiting for our connecting flight. We really needed it because we had a 6 hour lay-over and a pretty early flight out. (Thanks Cathay Pacific!) In the lounge, all we could think of was that great view,ย our delicious cocktails, and each others warm company. (naks!) Another one for the books!