Mobile School Foundation


There’s gonna be a fashion show on October 6 featuring Cebuano personalities and a few known designers to help raise money for the Mobile School Foundation.


The Mobile School Foundation is a government funded organization under the Cebu City Task Force for Street Children and was established in the year 1994 seeking to grant less privileged and abandoned children a chance to have an education. Since then, the foundation has benefited 5,904 daycare children and has sent 500 students to formal education.

These children are the ones we see on the streets and 5x in a week, this foundation goes to 5 different barangay’s to pick children up who want to learn. They’re transported via Kaoshung Bus (just 2) and one (1) Japanese donated bus that serves as their “library”. They entertain about 100-150 children a day which ousts the 2-4 teachers they only have.

I’m sure none of us are strangers to the many street kids around Cebu and if you had that deep helpless feeling in your heart to want to do something about it, this is a little way of doing so.