MOMA stands for Modern Mama. And no, this isn’t my announcement of pregnancy. lol. My brother and his wife opened a baby store at Banilad Town Center, Cebu and I thought I’d show you guys around, just in case you’re looking for something they have. A lot of my friends have been raving about it, so I knew it would be a good share. They’re the exclusive distributors for most of the things they sell (i.e. Medela, Salt Water Sandals etc), so you know its 100% legit, and the prices are lower. Plus, I totally love the interior design of this store! Don’t you?

They also have a breast feeding station and I think they hold tutorials for moms on how to use a pump correctly and all that. Pretty cool, huh?

This is what I stocked up on- coloring materials! I love the clear placemats that you can color on and just wash right after. Such a smart invention and perfect for a christmas present!

Salt Water Sandals- these are supposed to follow the shape of your foot as you wear it for a very ergonomic fit. Not so sure about the details, but I love the gold one!

This is what I wore to the soft opening of the store. Very modern mama, right? lol I wonder how my style will change with my age. Will I still dress with the trends or be lazy and just throw on blue jeans to try and look young? haha

What do you think?

Topshop dress, SM Accessories hat, Prada bag

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