Muir Woods

Another super cool thing we did in SF on our lucky day was head over to the majestic Muir Woods National Monument. It’s quite the drive to get there, and we didn’t rent a car that day. But luckily for us, we had Lester to take us around for free! I swear, we probably saved around $500 just because of that guy! We asked him to come in with us, but he politely refused saying he would wait outside for us instead. He didn’t want us to have to pay additional entrance fees for him. After a small debate he eventually won, he took out a cigarette and asked us to come back for him an hour. Yes friends, naghintay lang siya sa labas for us. Grabe ang bait niya talaga.

We went inside and our jaws dropped. It was sooo beautiful! The park was filled with old aged redwood trees that reached so high up into the sky, towering over us ever so gracefully. The air was fresh and crisp, and reminded us so much of chilly bukid weather in the Philippines. Plus, we met a lovely ex-veteran ranger who we chatted with for a while. He even took some of our pics! People were so nice! ❤️