Must See Spots in Yosemite

 Yosemite is definitely and easily the most photogenic place I’ve ever been to in my life. Whenever I see photos from photographers capturing stunning scenes from this place, I always wonder how they got such epic shots and think about getting a few cool photos on my own one day. Being able to visit Yosemite myself has made that dream so much more achievable. Why? Because the sites are insanely beautiful in themselves. It doesn’t matter if you have a crappy camera or set everything on auto, this place just won’t look ugly! All you have to do is point, shoot and be amazed at how pretty it really is in real life. See for yourself!

 Yosemite weather ranges from -5 to -30 degrees Celsius. To my tropical skin, that means it’s time to wear everything in my luggage! Good  thing we bought the right snow gear just before leaving SF or we would have died!

A tip to all you guys planning to head out here in the winter:


2. LAYER THE RIGHT WAY (thermals + fleece + down jacket + wind breaker) Layering 5 different cotton shirts will be useless!

3. COVER YOUR HEAD, HANDS, and FEET (Snow cap, snow gloves and thermal socks!)

El Capitan is number one on everyones bucket list because a.) it’s beautiful and b.) its on the OS X Wallpaper! You can get this exact view by shooting from the Tunnel View. More about this exact spot on my next post!

To be honest, just walking around will surely give you enough snowy backdrops to shoot for months! Everything is photogenic, and every angle is the right one!

Mirror Lake is also pretty awesome because it beautifully reflects the half dome so perfectly! Also, it’s the last remaining glacial lake that once filled Yosemite Valley!

We kept walking around that area and ended up on top of a frozen lake. See the shoefie Slater and I shot? We’re standing on water + snowflakes on the ground!

Yosemite is so peaceful and beautiful, I’d highly recommend taking your significant other there! Meet newly engaged Thomas and Kimi who joined us for the trip!

Of course, we had to have our own cute couple shot too!

Another spot you can check out is Bridal Veil, a massive waterfall. It’s called Bridal Veil because the tribes before believed that it was home to a scary spirit who guarded it, and that inhaling the mist would help you catch a mate for marriage.

When bae tries to be funny 😅

Yosemite is so pretty, we kept taking photos of random streets and trees, only to find out that the real sight (Bridal Veil) was right behind us. LOL even empty spots are so beautiful!

The sun came out and I finally got to de-frost!


Until we spotted yet another empty lot that was sooo insanely cold, the fog rose from the snow and we literally had 50% visibility! #revenantfeels!

How to achieve a cute snowfall photo? Wait for a snowplow to come around and pose in front of it! LOL I was literally in the right time and place when Slater captured this shot. Looks so perfect, doesn’t it???


Even when the sun goes down, this place still does not disappoint. Isn’t it just beautiful?


How do you like this fun new layout? I keep experimenting! lol