My Cloud

Guys, seriously. My life is so much cooler online. LOL. I love my job and the fact that I have to do something fun and travel and take nice photos for you guys on an almost daily basis. I love it. But the thing is, if my laptop or hard drive fails me, I’m basically dead. When my laptop got drenched in water at a restaurant in Korea a few months ago, or when someone stole my Go Pro in Siargao while I was surfing, or when I dropped my iPhone atย Boracay last labor day weekend, I felt that exact sentiment come to life. I didn’t care as much for the gadget I lost. I was genuinely depressed about the photos/videos and memories that came with it. So after that happened to me, I made it a point to invest in a huge WD hard drive that I plug into a wall, and back up all my data every time I come home. But now that I travel a lot, I sometimes don’t go home for weeks (or even a month!) and my paranoia gets to me. I also can’t access some files that are only stored on that hard drive unless I am physically present to get it. So after a lot of research and asking my techie boyfriend for a solution, this is it: The WD My Cloud.

This thing is like your personal private Dropbox, where you store your data on a cloud (in the internet skies), where they are safe and sound, and where you can access them anytime and anywhere (using iPhone, Laptop, Tablet-you name it!) through a stable WiFi connection. It’s your own “locker” for your files online, and unlike dropbox, you don’t have to pay for monthly fees. You can also set it up as a “Family locker,” so you can share photos/music/videos/files with your family at an instant!ย Pretty awesome huh?

Four things I personally love about it?

1. Super easy to install.

2. You can ย freakin’ stream movies from your cloud to your phone when you are bored in an airport with nothing to do! (Happens all the time!)

3. Frees up space on your mobile devices so you can continue to be trigger happy. And bloggers are, believe me!

4. Peace of mind from automatic back ups.

If your lifestyle is anything like mine, this is really the perfect solution to my technological woes! For more information about this product, click here.

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