My Summer Playlist + Giveaway

Sun’s out and I’m literally dripping in sweat as I type this. Ewwww gross LOL. But I love summer and hanging out by the pool – enjoying life, listening to my favorite weekend tracks and sipping on my favorite mocktails and juices.

I don’t know about you guys or if it’s just me, but everything just seems better with the perfect soundtrack. Somehow, it’s more challenging to get ready (or literally do anything!) in the morning without music (shoutout to all the non-morning people out there!). It’s certainly more painstaking to be stuck in traffic without music, especially on my morning drive going to work. And of course, it’s hard to set your mood to “chill” with your girlfriends without music. My friend Laureen can’t even function without it! That being said- summer is definitely not complete without your favorite tracks. Who’s with me?

There are of course many ways to listen to the songs you love filling your ears with, and Spotify is definitely one of the easiest ways to keep them playing. I mean- you just pick a mood and it automatically becomes a DJ for you! Whoever invented music streaming is a genius. So when Snapple Asia told me that they have a fun personality quiz where people can have a custom summer playlist created for them based on their personality results, my “Yes!” to try it out came quicker than usual! I usually don’t bother playing games online, but quizzes are right up my alley.

I went over to Snapple Asia’s Facebook Page and took their Snapple Play (Snapple X Spotify) quiz. Guess what my result was?

 Stay ZEN! I guess the “stressed out Kryz” these past few weeks really does show! lol And right now, as I’m typing this, it’s really the perfect playlist to get my summer mood on.

You can also access the app via to get a custom summer playlist for yourself. Take the quiz and let me know what your result is in the comments section below. As a thank you, 10 lucky winners will get a case of Snapple sent to them once again! Enjoy!x

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