Namsan Tower and KDrama

My Korea Travel diaries comes to a bitter sweet close with a visit to the NamSan tower and the set to my latest (and only) Kdrama addiction- You Who Came From The Star (stream here!!!). The beauty of Air Asia‘s red eye flights is using up your last day to it’s full potential without having to pay an extra night for a hotel room. In other words, sulit ang day! And friends, if you read up to the very bottom of this entry, you will also find that all your efforts browsing through 40 something photos will lead to a very exciting surprise. Soooo… keep reading!

Pat, Len and I woke up extra early and walked around the city for a bit. I really enjoyed exploring Seoul and discovering quaint little shops that ate up all my money! My favorite one would have to be Aland (not sure if this is Korean but it doesn’t seem like it!). They had about 4 floors filled with cool brands which reminded me so much of Paris’ Clozette. Plus, their 3rd floor had a vintage find selection where you could get awesome second hand items- like a Korean UkayUkay!

Next, we met up with the group for lunch and headed to the Design Market where we had a yummy Korean lunch, complete with all you can drink Soju! I had no idea Koreans were such big alcohol drinkers! A trip to Hongkik University at night proved just that, as people of all ages downed Soju as if it were water! Whew!

Right beside the restaurant was the set (and museum) of the popular K drama- You Who Came From The Star. I couldn’t really relate much back then because I hadn’t seen the series, so I wasn’t at all excited about being there. But now that I’ve converted to a certified fan of the show, I’m sooo happy I didn’t get lazy and still took photos! Cheong Song I and Doo Min Jun’s apartments are definitely something I’d like to see in real life, and I’m glad I even have a photo of myself in it. Horaay for unexpected forward thinking! lol I decided to watch the show when I got back to the Philippines because it seemed like such a big deal in Korea. All the major brands had Doo Min Jun’s face on it, and I loveee the actress who played Cheong Song I ever since I first saw her in My Sassy Girl!

Another cool part of the museum was this 360 degree photo center. There were a whole lot of cameras capturing a single moment, and the end result was a revolving photo- or a moment you could see from a whole lot of angles! You have to pay extra to get this done, but it was totally worth it!

Last of the day’s agenda was to head up to the NamSan tower to see 360 degrees of Seoul high up in the sky. It was amazing. I especially love how the way there was a natural scenic hike up the mountain, which made the experience extra special.  Along the way, we saw artists who could sketch visitors, and a few souvenir shops that sold little pieces of Seoul you could take back home with you.

I had no idea Korea also had a Love Locks bridge like Paris! And after seeing You Who Came From The Starit’s apparently really popular! There were tons of lovers there who made promises to each other, and I could only wish Mike was there to feel the love with me too. #cheeeeesy!

And this post ends my very fun filled trip to K-town. BUT WAIT, there’s more! In the coming days, I’ll be giving away a FREE TRIP TO KOREA in partnership with AIR ASIA. SAY WHAAAAT! That’s right! So if you want to fly out and experience everything I just did, stay tuned!!!