Neon Lavender

I’m seriously getting addicted to pairing soft pastels with pops of neon. Lavender is screaming out to me so loudly now. I think it’s going to be big next season, so I’m stocking up on them along with other pretty garden-y pastels. I’m so happy that the trends I’m drawn to are so perfectly appropriate for the sunny weather in the Philippines. Imagine having an addiction to fur or cable-knit and wearing it under all this humidity! Crazy!

Another thing I’m perfectly happy to love? Cutouts! Not necessarily the sexy ones, embroidered or laser cutouts are just as special to me. Why? They’re the ultimate answer to hot days- read: built-in air conditioning!

Don’t the colors blend so well together? I swear, this pastel-neon thing… it’s bordering on genius! lol

There’s nothing better for tropical weather than a pair of sandals. I’m growing my collection of them, and trading in my skyscraper heels for easy breezy sandals. I don’t know if it’s because of my Cebu lifestyle, or because I’m growing old *gasp*, but I seem to be making more “flat-purchases” than high heel ones. I’m sorry Fashion Gods, have I sinned? I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I dress to make myself happy and not for anyone or to compete with anyone, so if one day you’ll see me in a sack-dress with a huge grin on my face, just save me the wide-eyed looks and give me a high five instead! lol

What do you think?

Clothes for the Goddess polo, H&M hat (similar here), Sunpocket sunnies from Terminal Inc., Seventh Street shorts (similar here), Zecca sandals, Call It Spring belt,  Keysa’s neon bracelets (similar here)

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