New in the Beauty Department

One of the things I love besides fashion is beauty. I love cosmetics and playing with colors, creating art with make-up and the like. Yes, I know. I’m such a girl! I get giddy about all things pretty and nice, and because of that, I wanna show you guys some of the new additions to my beauty loot!

The Falsies Case. We girls love them false eyelashes! I like bringing them with me in case I don’t have make up on, and I have to attend an event all of a sudden. Falsies are instant lifesavers. It only takes 10 seconds to put on, but it makes you look like you’ve spend hours glamming yourself up! I got this case from a 99peso store in CdO last week. It’s the perfect place to store all my lashes cleanly without destroying them! Plus, look how cute!

Lucas Papaw Ointment. I scored this from Digital Traincase and got a ton of comments on instagram about how awesome it is. It’s supposed to be used for burns, scrapes and all that as a magical ointment of sorts, but Aussie girls use it on their lips as lip gloss! It sounds pretty scray to use ointment as a balm, but after a lot of reinforcement, I decided to go ahead and try it out. The result? Perfection! I can’t go a day without having them on my lips!

Bioderma Make Up Remover. I also got this from Digital Traincase and I use it when I make mistakes while applying make up. One swipe of the cotton bud, and my cosmetic boo-boo is erased! I usually use Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil to remove make up, but it never works for small retouches because it gets your face so oiled up. This water solution was perfect for the job!

Goody Double Wear. Hair care is just as much a part of beauty as anything else. I love this dual purpose hair band from Goody. You can use it as a necklace when you don’t need to tie your hair yet, and just pull it up into a sleek hair band when you do! It also comes in a smaller size that you can use as a bracelet/hair tie! So conveniently chic!

Ciralce Shiny BB Cream. I got a bunch of stuff from Circale but I’ve only recently tested out this BB cream. I am addicted to BB creams because of their lightweight dual purpose nature. I can’t stand foundation anymore, and often leave the house with nothing but BB cream to cover up. This particular one caught my eye because it’s made in Korea (the land of BB creams) and it comes with a nifty SPF to protect you from the sun! It conceals blemishes by making them less opaque but not covering them completely to make you look natural and not air-brushed- perfect for everyday makeup.

What’s new in your beauty loot?