No one likes a bore

The amazing thing about fashion is its limitless possibilities. You can create so many looks and surprise yourself with your creativity. It doesn’t always have to be about what’s in or what you see on the mannequins in each store. Sometimes its fun to mix and match and create new outfits that may not be “you” but will still make you feel fashionable and most importantly, happy! It also helps you keep your looks from becoming boring and monotonous! Agree? An easy way to start is by finding a statement piece that you normally wouldn’t wear, and work your way around it. For me, it was this spikey hat. It’s so unique and scary at the same time, but I knew I had to have it to challenge myself to think out of the box. I came up with an urban grungy laid back look that was still glamorous and chic, and the porcupine on my head only amplified that! What do you think?

Romwe hat (similar here), Wicked Drops tank, Style Staple skirt (similar here), Call It Spring heels (similar here), Alexander McQueen bag, Nails by Beauty and Butter

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So sorry I haven’t been able to find the time to answer your comments. I’m up to my neck with them and emails and work keep pouring in. I promise to read every single one of them though, so please do keep leaving a word. I really love hearing what you have to say! Thank you so much!

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33 Responses to No one likes a bore

  1. Caroline says:

    definitelly don’t like a bore, you’re right ♥ and this outfit totally rocks !! just against bore !! perfect match :)

  2. tam says:

    Totally love your outfits!

    But just wondering, are there any outfits from years past that you look back and go “omg! Did i actually wear that out?!” and cringe?
    If you do, perhaps you could have a post on it? I think it’ll be fun.

  3. Bea says:

    You’re a genius, Ms. Kryz! I imagine you matching the top and the hat with a short but you styled it in a very gorgeous different way! Well said! That’s the spirit of fashion!

  4. Sasa says:

    I love your skirt, and your right! its limitless when it comes to fashion! love♥

  5. ish says:

    love the combintion of the feminine skirt and the bad ass hat
    xx ish

  6. Samantha says:

    Haha kryz! You make the outfit look so chic and normal, like the hat isn’t all that eye-catchy-weird. Thank you for taking time to read and reply to all our comments ^^

  7. YvonneLaura says:

    I love your outfit! It looks great on you!

  8. Crystal says:

    Make up Review for this look please? :) Beautiful as always!!

  9. elena says:

    Hi Kryz! What Alexander McQueen bag is that? :)

  10. Carrizza says:

    You have come up with a cute Lady gangsta peg. Cute cute Kryz! :DD

  11. Johanna says:

    I love everything about thing outfit!!! I want everything! 😀 xxx

  12. cathy says:

    omgg I love the slits!

    Check out my recent outfit, featuring a LBD:

  13. gendysam says:

    gorgeous as always!! iloveyou ms. kryzzie!!!

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