No Rules

Remember those days when you had to wear stripes, checks or anything printed with something plain, or when it was a total fashion faux pax to wear black shoes with white socks, and more than 2 colors on your entire outfit? Well, those days are long gone because today, in the fast and ever changing world of fashion, there simply are no rules anymore! The strangest of trends and styles are called individualist and creative, there are cult groups for each particular way of dressing and each combination, no matter how mis-matched or matched to perfection is considered a yay or a nay depending on the viewer’s personal taste and style! So what does that all mean? We get to stand up, wear whatever the hell we want, and never have to second guess it! Of course there are always exceptions to the rules (and even exceptions to the rule of no rules!), but the bottom line is that fashion is really for everyone now, and it’s our turn to take that and get creative with it!

On The Dot top, Closet Goddess shorts, Michael Antonio heels, Zero UV sunnies, Goody stay put elastic, Young and Sweet necklaces

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