Ever wonder what Jason Mraz would look like as a girl? (You do?? What is wrong with you? lol) Well, I think this is a pretty good interpretation (if he were asian. 😛 or should I say -.- lol) I don’t know why long vests and fedoras make me automatically think of musicians (and Mr. Mraz in particular) but the connections in my head are pretty strong, and I’m sure they are in yours too. No? It’s just me? Okay then… moving along…

Don’t you love this oversized vest? I can’t stop wearing it over and over again because it’s just the perfect fashion solution! I wear it whenever I need to cover up or add an edge to my outfit and it’s too hot out. I even got it in all other colors! (Here are the other ways I’ve worn it in black and white)

I look so goofy in this photo but it’s the only one I took that shows how amazing and sleek this oversized vest is! I also really like how it covers my butt when I’m wearing leggings with a short top. Cause y’know- leggings aren’t pants! Except when you can pull them off! lol

What do you think of my look?

WAGW vest, Romwe leggings, Club Couture top, SM Accessories hat (similar here), Prada bag, Zara heels (similar here)

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