Ocean Park

My family and I spent a chilly day having fun at Ocean Park, HongKong. The last time I was here, I was such a little girl that I hardly remember any of the rides and attractions! This time though, I was set to explore the whole place, and ride the scariest rides with Jack, no matter how scared they made me feel!

You can either take a train (which is faster) to get to the other mountain where all the “grown up” rides are, but I made sure to ride the cable cars all the way to the other side. The scene was breathtaking, and the ride was bumpy and scary because of the strong winds up the mountains- but that just made it even more exciting!

I didn’t want to waste time having lunch in one of the real restaurants, so I decided to grab some fish balls and La Mien from one of the Old HongKong “vendors” instead. Turns out it was a good decision! I loved how my lunch tasted, while my parents and siblings who ate in the real restaurants didn’t enjoy theirs so much! Don’t eat at the sandwich place though, that one didn’t taste good at all!

One of the scariest rides we went on was called the “Flash.” See all those legs hanging upside down??? This ride was ridiculously scary! Not only would it pendulum high up right and left, it would also do a complete 360 degree turn, while the people are turning in their seats as well! CRAZIEST RIDE EVER!!!! I felt like a giant lifted me up and spun me like a yoyo!

Jack and I split up from my family while we were in the park so we could cover more rides, and ended up in the aquarium. I love how all the fish were attacking the tupperware of food!

I know, I know, i look ridiculous! But can you blame me??? The hat/scarf was just too adorable! I really really wanted to buy it, but Jack knocked some sense into me before I could!

The last ride we rode in the park was called Hair Raiser, and boy, did it raise a lot of hairs! This roller coaster was soooo fast and it kept spinning us around the loops and up and down the track! Everyone who finished the ride looked like they just saw a ghost!

After Ocean Park, we headed back to the city and treated ourselves to a nice fattening bowl of Butao Ramen. We’ve heard such great reviews from it, and the long line outside was just more proof of how good it was, so we knew we had to give it a shot. We weren’t disappointed! I want to go back and try all the flavours the next time Im in HK!

More about my trip soon!

All photos taken with my Canon S110 Digital Camera.

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24 Responses to Ocean Park

  1. Caroline says:

    wow !!! the food in the last pictures look superb !! must be delicious :) and whole park looks amazing, awesome experience full of fun right?♥


  2. chippie says:

    That starfish is really begging for a Finding Nemo reference.

  3. Charmagne says:

    There are alot of rides!! =D Gosh!! =( They said Disney Land is way better than Ocean Park thats why when we came there we choose DL than OP.. But which do you prefer Kryz? Is there a big difference? =) Thanks in advance! xo

  4. Honey Lyn says:

    love the photos! great shots! :)

  5. Lydia says:

    Looked like you had fun! (:


  6. Heart says:

    Best ride ever– the Flash!! Haha!

    I suddenly miss HK while i was reading your post.

  7. MarielleSantos says:

    Funniest part about this post is the hair raiser part ! Raised a lot of hairss ! Haha .

  8. henry says:

    na miss ko ang ocean park sa hong kong… excited to get back this march

  9. mk says:

    i dont have a passport yet..haha..fun

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