October through Instagram

 1. Casio Watch from Terminal Inc. at Ronac Art Center, 2. Lady Gaga and Flapper Girl for Halloween, 3. At my friend Chase’s luxe home theater, 4. Camille and I in Phuket, 5. Dear Darla pizza, 6. Sparkly shoes on a galaxy print skirt from Sheinside

 1. Traditional Sunday peanuts after mass, 2. Thai Milk Tea at Manna, Bangkok, 3. Noodle soup for lunch, 4. Kata Beach, Phuket, 5. Jack and I on a Sundate, 6. Filling up Camille’s office with love notes via post-its

 1. Halloween cupcakes at Siam Paragon, 2. The Bee’s Knee’s peanut butter for breakfast, 3. Cakes at Calea, Bacolod, 4. Yachting with friends in all white ensembles, 5. Pilates class, 6. Visiting Gramps

 1. Nutballs love SunPocket sunnies, 2. TDF Cake at UCC, 3. Loot bag from Digital Traincase, 4. Accessories from WAGW, 5. FOTD for Kata Beach, 6. Mochi and Macaroons galore

 1. Our view at Westin Bay Phuket, 2. Girl with a moustache, 3. Travelling bags for our Thailand adventure, 4. Mike as Justin Bieber and Me as Lady Gaga for Halloween, 5. Tutum sandals, 6. Amazing sunset view from our balcony in Westin Bay, Phuket

 1. Cakes at Cafe Bob’s Bacolod, 2. Ladies who Lunch, 3. Heading to the airport, 4. Reunited with the crazies, 5. Touchdown Bangkok!, 6. Off to a shoot in Mactan Cebu

 1. Me and my bag at the Aranaz for Rags 2 Riches launch, 2. Literally a mobile bar, 3. Cakes at Calea, 4. Busay, Cebu, 5. My kind of Fruit Cake, 6. Party Bus at Bacolod Philippines

 1. Drawing of Mike and I by Ralph Tan, 2. View from our restaurant at Kata Beach, 3. Breakfast of champions, 4. Vito Selma’s original work up on his walls, 5. Meeting Mayor Bing of Bacolod, 6. BagTags from Tonic

1. Breakfast Plate, 2. Camera bag from Charles and Keith, 3. Off to the beach with Camille and Laureen, 4. JC Claw booties, 5. WAGW Website in the making, 6. Feeling fierce

1. My favorite part of every meal-coffee and dessert! 2. Passports and Plane Tickets, 3. Hotel Lobby at Bangkok, 4. Hellolulu camera strap, 5. Bought this bag from WAGW, 6. Girls night out

 1. Jack and I on the way to a summit, 2. More accessories from WAGW, 3. Avocado Ice Cream, 4. Sushi for dinner, 5. Sober Club shots, 6. Shawarmin’

1. Ready to go with my new WAGW iPhone case ,2. Lobsters and Scallops at Chase Cookie’s place, 3. Cebu Yacht Club, 4. Colored blazers at WAGW, 5. Goofing around with Mr. Nutball, 6. Can’t decide which Marc Jacobs sling to buy