Oh, El Nido.

I love my job. I get to test out awesome innovations like Nivea‘s new sunscreen, and I get to do it in style too. We had a whole day to have fun under the sun at El Nido’s beautiful islands wearing Nivea‘s new Protect and Bronze sunscreen. It allows you to Tan and get your needed SPF dosage at the same time. It’s perfect for people like me who love water sports but are totally afraid of sun damage! I spritz it all over my skin, and get protection during my activities, and a nice even tan at the end of the day. To prove this, we were requested to try: Hobbie cat, Windsurfing (which I totally suck at btw), Island Hopping, Kayaking, Swimming and just chilling with my girls. Can you believe this is work??? I felt like I was on an all expense paid vacation! I can’t thank you enough, Nivea, for inviting me over and again leaving me speechless about the beauty of the Philippines. And the result of our mini (but totally cool and fun) experiment? A perfect tan! I just went a shade darker, and didn’t even notice until I flew back home and my brother asked me where I’ve been! It’s that seamless- and no sunburn! Perfect! I can’t put into words how much of an awesome time we had around Palawan, so I’m hoping these photos will somehow. Enjoy!x