Oh, Flamingo!

How weird is it that the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word Flamingo is: “Flamingo, Lambada, but Hip Hop is hotta!” 90’s babies, back me up here! I was a total Spice Girls nut back in the day, transitioning from Sporty spice in 4th grade, to Ginger spice a year later, and finally Posh spice when the band came to a halt. I memorized all their songs by heart, and Spice Up Your Life (which, if you didn’t know, is where I got that quote from) is definitely one of my favorites! Don’t you think this outfit is totally reminiscent of Baby spice though? If only I were wearing those sky high boots of hers! If there’s one concert I know I would never miss, it’d definitely be one from my favorite 90s icons, The Spice Girls!

When I got this top Lovely Sally, I thought it would be cool to wear with a black leather full skirt. Anything leather is always welcome on my books! But since the Mr. sun came out to play that day, I thought it would be more appropriate to play with pastels instead! Hence, the birth of my “Baby Spice goes to work” suit. lol If there’s anything that makes you stand out, it’s definitely playing with colors and matching brights like these!

Mondays are my ladies who lunch days. Team WAGW has regular late lunch meetings and we always require three things when picking our resto of choice: 1. Good Coffee, 2. Relaxed and Quiet Ambiance, 3. Good food. In Cebu, there aren’t a lot of restaurants to choose from, so we always rotate on the few good ones we’ve come to love: A Café (where these photos were taken), Cafe Georg (though to be honest, I got food poisoning there once and puked my brains out, but I totally love their dessert), and Marriot hotel. Trying to think of more places, but nothing really comes to mind. Do any of my Cebuano readers have any suggestions?

One of the members of Team WAGW is my sister Jack, who takes most of the photos for this blog, and is also a hair expert. (She should totally put up a hair blog! Please help me force her by flooding her blog with angry comments lol just kidding). While waiting for our food, I only thought it apt to force her to do my hair. I mean, c’mon, my readers deserve a change of hairstyle every so often right? So, equipped with three Goody bobby pins and a Goody elastic, Jack’s magical hands worked nimble and quick (see what I did there, lol) to create this awesome up-do! Cue ooohs and ahhs now!

Okay, back to my powdery look. What do you think of these awesome shorts? Hint: Aren’t they just awesome? lol I love textured pieces more than I love printed ones (read: clazzz factor), and these have got to be the cutest aqua pair I have! It’s the perfect combination of sophisticated, playful and modern that I got it in two colors, this and a peach one! Isn’t it perf???

What do you think of my look today? <3

Windsor blazer, Lovely Sally top, Thistle & Co. shorts, WAGW belt, Aldo heels, Goody hair pins, Max Factor polish

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