Oh, to fall in Love.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!!! Hoping you get to spend this special day with your loved ones. I’ve let my shallow self take over these past few days and talk to you non-stop about what to wear to a date on Vday, but lo and behold, my deep thinking senses are back to tell you that life is more than just about fashion! And as I’m sure all of you are already rolling their eyes and simultaneously saying “duhhh,” allow me to get on with my point! *eh hem*

I don’t think anyone has the right to feel bitter about Valentines day, unless they can’t name a single person in the whole world who loves and cares for them. I’m blessed to have so many in my life, and to be that someone for many other people. So even if you’re single, dating, married, in a relationship… or the controversial: its complicated, I’m obligating you to give your special someone (or someones) something special tomorrow. Be it a single rose or a dozen, a shy smile hello, or a long awaited “i forgive you.” Let’s make tomorrow count. It’s not just about the hallmark greetings and cheesy love notes, or Single’s parties and tubs of ice cream. Valentines day should be a day where we celebrate love with the people we most care about. And with that, I say:

A very very heartfelt Thank You and I Love You to all of my readers out there who’s always supported me and believed in me. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be able to realize have of the things I have now. So a big big big big Merci Beaucoup and Happy Valentines day to all!

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