Old Soul

I’m getting the hang of my bangs already! Some days they aren’t as poufy and I can wear them confidently like in these photos. (yay, me!) They only really bother me when I’m doing those sweaty Vinyasas and they stick to my forehead but I guess thats what Goody Stay Put’s are for! Anyways, I figure I’d try different looks with my different hair and found that it works really well with maxi skirts! Hmm.. do bohemians have bangs too? They should. lol. Loving how it all works together. Don’t you?

Furor Moda top, Skirt (old, similar here), Zara sandals, SM Accessories cuff, Forever Wishes bag, Oohlala Monster necklace

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14 Responses to Old Soul

  1. Jacy says:

    This outfit is stunning! I love the mixture of pastels and brights, and your maxi is the perfect statement piece. Gorgeous :)


  2. Geela Garcia says:

    aww, you wore a maxi without a belt. :) i noticed kasi that you always wear a maxi with a belt haha. you’re so cute ms kryz!! i love this outfit. <3 so cute and dainty, i love the colors too.

  3. karen joy says:

    i missed going here in your blog… i like the whole outfit…

  4. Mira says:

    Beautiful. Esp love the pretty skirt <3



  5. Astrid Camat says:

    You surely inspire me with your outfits!! I have similar pieces too!! I hope you could check out my blog because you were my inspiration for this outfit:


  6. Darren Mae de Torres says:

    where did you got your hair permed? :)

  7. Kath says:

    Hi Kryz. I saw one of your makeup posts from way way back. How much does customs charge from strawberry.net purchases? I plan to purchase a La Mer goodie because it’s 700 pesos cheaper than in Rustans but In worried about the customs fee. Thank you!!

  8. lalaine says:

    Love the accessories! Esp. the thumb ring!
    where did you get that?


  9. Ai Ming says:

    I love your bangs! You look a lot younger. :)

  10. Vivian says:

    Pleats are my weakness! Love this beautiful coral colour~



  11. Stephanie says:

    I really love your new ‘do! And thank you so much for wearing Oohlala Monster! ❤

  12. Lydia says:

    I love the bag, this look is so romantic!


  13. Nicole says:

    Such a pretty feminine outfit! Love it!

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