One Mount Korea

As most of my friends and family know, I am highly fearful of all non-human living things. (I know I know I’m weird.) I love them, and I absolutely enjoy visiting zoos and aquariums where there is a barrier between them and myself (plus, I don’t eat meat!), but personal contact just scares me. So it would be safe to say that I never ever thought I would hold my hand up and have beautiful green and yellow birds feed from it. This unexpected experience momentarily took my fears away, and easily became the highlight of my entire Korea trip.

On our first full day at Korea, we visited a lot of places including the One Mount Amusement park- which came complete with zoo, aquarium, snow park, water park and restaurants. We ate at this really delicious Japanese buffet, which kept my stomach happy the entire afternoon.

Before you enter the Water park, you have to leave your shoes behind and switch them for these slippers. You can leave your stuff at the locker so they don’t get wet, and take a groupie with your friends while you’re at it too!

Unfortunately for us, we just came to tour the place and we didn’t get to try the rides out for ourselves. I am such a sucker for water parks and looking back at these photos just makes me wish I was there right now to do them all!

The Whirling Dervish was on the top of my must try list! Look at how high that slide goes!

After the Water Park, we headed for the Snow Park where we rented jackets and walked on ice right in the middle of busy and hot Korea! They were nice enough to let it snow too while we were there. My friends and I felt like little kids just frolicking and dancing around in the snow!

Laureen and I tried out some of their rides too! I would have gone for more rounds if only I was wearing more appropriate footwear. After a few minutes, I felt like my feet were going to fall off!

After all the cold, we went straight for the zoo and aquarium where I had the pleasure of meeting the cute little birds that I fed in the first photo, along with the other adorable animals in there.

I had such an amazing time doing so much in just one day! I definitely recommend One Mount Amusement Park to anyone heading to Korea! Thank you to Air Asia Philippines and Korea Travel Organisation for fixing our trip!