It’s hard to layer much when you live in a tropical country. You want to look fresh and cool, and not be loaded with jabar! OMG I cant believe I used that word here hahaha. Anyhow, the trick is to stick to lightweight fabrics! I’m actually not following my own advice as I’m wearing knit and leather, but it was a breezy day, so I’m excused lol. I also like sticking to cool tones, like aqua, mint and silver so you don’t look like you’re melting in humidity. Also, I always make sure that my hair is styled right, because messy ‘do’s can really ruin a look. So if my hair isn’t cooperating, I tie it in a bun, and the whole outfit seems so much more polished than If I went for my unruly-trying-to-be-french-but-failing hair. (P.S. Speaking of hair, the CreamSilk team and I already chose a winner to accompany me to tomorrow’s affair! Will announce later!!!) I wore this outfit to the Sunnies by Charlie launch in Cebu, and coincidentally matched their brand image. Thank god I layered on this sweater, or I would have matched with their sales ladies too! haha What do you think?

Ellysage sweater, Polo, Iswag skirt, Mode Collective heels, Celine bag

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Tic Tac

I’ve been searching for a short white electric pleat skirt all my life (okay, all last season), and couldn’t find one anywhere! And then it dawned on my that I could simply use this dress and layer a cropped polo on top of it. The result? One of my favorite looks to date! I feel so fresh and clean in this all almost-all-white look, especially with my hair tied so perfectly back. What do you think?

WAGW top, Skirt (part of a dress, similar here), Aldo heels, Celine bag

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Save The Date

Hello from Manila Vanilla! Flew in really early today to catch the baptism of my new Godson, Ramon Matteo! So happy and honored to welcome him into the Christian world today! Congratulations to one of my bestest friends, Ken, and of course Monch, on this big milestone! (Photos on my instagram) I haven’t been here since last month so there was a lot of mail waiting for me at home. One of the things I am super excited to share with you all will also have me coming back on the start of April. Can you guess what I am talking about? I’ll give you a hint… ALESSO! Close Up Forever Summer is finally happening on April 5!!! If you follow me on twitter, then you’d know that I helped Close Up reach out to the public, so that everyone could decide what kind of party they wanted- Indie or EDM, Beach or Indoors etc! The result? Check out Close Up’s facebook  or search for the #CloseUpForeverSummer on twitter to find out! All I’m telling you in that I AM SO EXCITED!!! See you there?

WAGW top, Cotton On shorts (similar here), Prada bag, Sunnies by Charlie, Zara heels, Nixon watch

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