Organizing 101 with Miss Bella

I showed you guys around my accessory cabinet last year (it’s been one year already??!), and seeing as how so much time has already passed, my closet has proven itself to be, sadly, inadequate. I blame the hoarder in me. It’s not easy to add closet space, especially when you don’t want to re-do your room or have carpenters drilling more holes on the walls. I was in a pickle for a bit until I remembered how I successfully space-saved on my vanity area. All my Miss Bella boxes beautifully organized my make up and skin care essentials, without the cluttered, bulky and mismatched feel that most space savers have. I thought it would be a smart idea to invest in even more arcylic boxes, but when I looked at her instagram page, I saw something even better. A 2 in 1 accessory cabinet and full length mirror. SOLD. And I threw in a Bella Box too, just because I love them fancy drawers! Decided to snap a few photos of my recent order before I filled it with my chaotic stuff, just in case you guys are facing the same problem as I once was. Hope it helps!

Time for Freebies! (CLOSED)

Another day, another #WAGWOOTD wearing everyone’s favorite Selfie Cap! This time, the weather was pretty chilly, so I decided to wear it with comfy knits in a texture play kind of look! Gray is one of my absolute favorite colors apart from White and Black (all my favorites aren’t even real colors hahaha). Anything gray instantly looks comfortable and familiar, so I thought, why  not make it it extra cozy with not only an all gray look, but a fuzzy one as well! I got my Sheinside skirt out (and I’m just realizing now that I totally had it on backwards LOL) and paired it with a cropped sweater which saved me from looking too frumpy. Then I added a fun print with these super cute and comfy Ylla loafers. Slips like these are on everyone’s feet now a days, and rightly so! They make any outfit look so chic! Whenever I wear them, I always remember my moms old photos where she wore sling bags, skinny jeans and shoes like these all the time. I love every single piece in today’s look and can’t wait to over use them. In fact, I want to give you that opportunity too by hosting another giveaway! Can you guess which item it will be? Tanananannn, it’s SHEINSIDE! You can win this skirt and many more from them because they are giving one of my lovely readers a $100 shopping spree! All you have to do is:

1. Register on Sheinside.

2. Like Thirstythought on Facebook and follow me on Bloglovin’,  Twitter and Instagram (if you don’t have all these accounts, it’s very easy to make one! :) You need all of them to be qualified for this contest. )

3. Leave a comment below with your Twitter, FB, Instagram accounts, Full Name, and the Email you used to register on Bloglovin’ and Sheinside.


That’s it! This contest is open internationally, and runs from today until the 27th of March at 11:59PM. Goodluck!

H&M sweater (similar here), Sheinside skirt, WAGW cap, Ylla loafers

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WAGW is also giving away these snapback caps! All you need to do is post your OOTDs wearing at least one item from WAGW, and #WAGWOOTD! More details here!

Button Down

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but my ultimate dream style is a polished effortless look- not too fashionable, but not too casual either. To leave the house completely bare faced, with a natural glow, hair tied in a high ponytail, and wearing a chic outfit that you look like you just threw on. To look naturally beautiful and perfectly put together without even trying. That’s the dream! It’s not easy to accomplish though if you weren’t born with high cheekbones or enough confidence to let your beauty radiate though. I’m naturally shy, so I tend to smile awkwardly at the sidelines rather than command attention. Even when I know self image is everything, I can’t help but be self critical, just because I know society is insanely critical. I know it probably seems like a complete irony- tons of photos of myself up here, and then me saying that I’m shy. But, the beauty of photos is that it lets me project an image or put on a hat for a while. Through pictures, I seem like the girl in control, but in reality, I hate it when people stare at me or talk about me or even give me compliments! I don’t know how to react and I guess that’s part of the reason why I started this blog. To show a side of me that I couldn’t project in real life. To share my love for fashion and styling with the ability to hide behind a computer screen. To be honest, I don’t really like attending events where I don’t know anyone or have anyone going with me, because I don’t like small talk (mainly cause it feels fake) and I don’t really know how to do it. I just went to a small cocktail gathering last weekend, and headed straight for the buffet table (#clazz) instead of looking for people to mingle with (#badsocialskills). Well, that was also probably because I was starving, but you get the deal. Sometimes it’s hard for me to be in an industry where my personality just isn’t a fit. But I guess the good thing about life is that there really isn’t any rules. So what if you don’t do the norm? So what if you do something other than what everyone expects? So what if I like taking photos of myself by dirt roads beside container vans? lol As long as it’s not a crime, then who really has the right to say what’s right? Right?! It’s that kind of confidence that I really look up to in people. Not the arrogant “look at me” kind, but the ability to do what you want, even when others question you, even when most of the odds aren’t in your favor. Happy Monday!

WAGW dress, Zero UV sunnies (heart version here), Celine bag, Aldo heels (similar here),Nixon watch (join my giveaway: here)

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