This Old Thing

I know what your thinking. Those birks again? Toilet Slippers? lol. I got featured on a popular instagram account a few days ago wearing my last post in Birks, and got a whole lot of mixed reviews. Either you hate it, or you love it. But honestly? I love it and I’m still wearing it! Your style shouldn’t be dictated by what people say, or what you see online (unless its really cool, or unless its from! KIDDING!) I mean, nothing should dictate your style really unless you consciously want something to. I’d wear a sock over my head if I felt like it, simply because I can! Life is too short for rules that don’t matter. Right? Who’s with me? Currently, I’m looking to buy Adidas Stan sneakers, but much to my dismay, and much to Mike’s delight- I can’t seem to find them online anywhere or in any of their stores in the Philippines. I even checked Brantano but they don’t ship outside the UK! Any ideas on where I can find one?

WAGW top, Ellysage jumper, Birkenstock sandals, Ferragamo bag

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In An Instant

I miss wearing outfits like these. They’re so flattering and girly, I just wanna prance around eating cotton candy and bubble gum. Pink makes any outfit look so cute, doesn’t it? I haven’t worn this color in the longest time, but I hear it’s making a splash this summer! My first pink outfit in a while goes to an event I attended a few weeks ago- the Vaseline Instant Fair lotion (which happens to be pink too!) launch in Cebu. I had a mini meet-and-greet with my readers at their booth in Ayala Cebu, and we all tried the product together and marveled at the results! Here’s me after the activation, all lathered in my new lotion. I’m so white, right? lol. I swear I didn’t edit anything but the lighting. The lotion really works! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in the idea that “white is beautiful,” but just like a lot of other women, I have skin imperfections like freckles, sun spots and uneven skin tone. The lotion combats all of these too! The name just happens to be so direct to the point, that some people automatically assume it’s just another whitening lotion! If you want to get into the nitty gritty, here it is. Vaseline Instant Fair lotion has “microreflectors” that coat or layer on top of your skin, making it appear even toned, slightly fairer, and very glittery! Yes, it is like make up on your skin, but it also has Vitamin B3, which transforms these results into permanent ones through time. It doesn’t peel/exfoliate or do any sort of damage to achieve healthy looking skin! My fave part? It’s also a sunscreen! I am very freckly, so I put on sunblock every single day. I also have dry skin, so I apply lotion at least twice daily. Having them both in a single bottle really saves me so much time. I really think it’s a great idea, and yes, I do use it myself! It makes me feel like a princess having glittery skin (especially when wearing pink!)

Romwe cardigan, WAGW skirt (Super SALE at P329 in stores! or email, Corset (similar here), Celine bag, Sunnies by Charlie sunnies, Sola Fide shoes

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Another PINK party is coming our way, and I’m so excited for it! It’s the Cream Silk Anniversary Ball party on the 26th of March called Cream Silk at 30: Celebrating the Beyond Beautiful Filipina. It’s gonna be a huge event gathering the biggest names in beauty and fashion to celebrate the modern Filipina! They’re gonna honor 150 outstanding women who represent the best the Filipina has to offer: artists, entrepreneurs, mavens and multi-hypenates. It’s my dream to be as successful as these women and to one day be included in a list like this! (libre mangarap! lol) I’ll be live tweeting from the party, so stay tuned for that! #WhereCanYourHairTakeYou

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To Be At Sea

The sun is shining sooo bright now and that only means one thing: School’s out, summer’s in! Whooohoo! Do you ever get that feeling of being so ridiculously excited about something, you can’t sleep and you can’t wipe that silly grin off your face? That’s how I feel every single time I make a trip to hit the waters! I don’t care if my face gets covered in freckles or if my fingers and toes get all pruney- the deep blue sea is always a place I’ll find myself in when I need a quick vacay! My good friend Ken’s dad owns a dive shop called AquaDive over at Hadsan Beach in Mactan Cebu, so it’s real easy for me to call a boat over for a day out in sea. And even though I’ve been jumping off boats in the middle of the channel since I was a kid, I never get tired of it! There were a lot of us on this trip, but most were camera shy, so I’m leaving you with a ton of photos of myself and my sissy, Jack! Enjoy!

Mart of China skirt, O’neil Bikini, WAGW hat

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