Sass with Class

I used to love travelling to different countries just so I could dress up. I mean, it’s not that I don’t love dressing up when travelling now, I just realized a few new things that make me love it for a different reason. But back then, traveling was the only time I could take my boots/fur/scarves/blazers out to play, and when I knew I was getting on the plane, that was my main goal. (#IAmSoLame) lol. When I was younger, I had this impression that going abroad meant you could layer your heart away without anyone judging you. That you could sport the latest trends one on top of the other- the more the merrier! I thought about fashion more as an art than an extension of yourself, so wearing those monster platforms was welcome in my book, as was anything bordering on costumey. I was almost always over dressed, and decked in the latest trends- no matter if I was going to Disneyland or to a group tour or something else totally inappropriate! And yup, wasn’t the smartest packer either. Because of my incapacity to layer back home, I brought everything with me when I went abroad, easily doubling my luggage allowance. And then one fateful day, I saw a mom and daughter lining up the check in counter before us. They were dressed so simply, in blue jeans, loafers and a polo. Simple pearls on their ears and a good sturdy bag to hold their things. Their hair was in a low ponytail and their make up so simple. I looked at them and then looked back at myself in my 5 layers of everything and realized: Wow, I look so tacky beside them. That was when it finally hit me. My AHA moment telling me how sometimes less is more. How the right combination of simplicity will always lead you to a better and classier looking outfit than a ton of trends in cramped into one look. It was such a normal everyday kind of situation, but it completely changed my personal style. Ever since then, I learned how to “edit” my looks and create a more effortless, relatable and over all put together yet relaxed silhouette for myself. Wearing a simple dress doesn’t mean you are too lazy to dress up, or that you don’t have the eye for style needed to mix and match. It just shows that you know which cuts flatter your body most, and that if you can make a single dress look chic without even trying, you’ve definitely got an eye for style! What do you think?

Thrift Market dress, Chanel Bag, Tory Burch flats, Belt (similar here), Zero UV sunnies, Nixon watch (join my giveaway: here)

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The Palms

I feel bad that I forgot to tell you guys about this part of my Dubai trip. It’s long overdue, so I hope it’s worth the throwback. I love how clean and pristine everything is in Dubai (well, the places we visited anyway.) Look at this long strip of land by the bay- it’s free for the public to use and hang out in, but it was spotless and so well maintained! I couldn’t resist stepping out of the car and just watching the sun go down overlooking this amazing view. The weather was perfectly windy cool, and with the hot sun lighting up the place, we got that perfect in-between temperature. Cold, but cozy and warmed by the sun. Oh Dubai, oh Jumeirah, I miss you already!

WAGW sweater (old, similar here), Topshop pants (similar here), H&M scarf (old), Converse sneakers

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Green With Feelings

How do you tell someone you don’t particularly like what they are wearing? Much worse- how do you tell someone you love that? It’s a tough one, and the very ordeal Mike had to go through when I wore this outfit. Didn’t help that I asked him to shoot me in it either! You see, guys like Mike prefer girls who wear a dress and sandals, or a tank and jeans- the girl next door look. Better yet- the girlfriend look. So when I put on this dress and topped it off with a fedora, and a socks + oxfords combo, he didn’t like it. Never mind that it was fashionable or on trend or whatever- he just wanted me to be plain and simple me- without the hat. I on the other hand insisted on keeping it on. Hats have a very special place in my heart now, and most of the time, I can’t leave the house without it. Having it off my head made me feel so incomplete that it didn’t matter what Mike thought, I just had to wear it! Good thing little arguments like these don’t really bother us, and we ended up just laughing about who had to wear it the rest of the day. My way of convincing him to was okay? Turn to London of course! I told him hats are essential to every wardrobe according to the English- and no one argues with the English (of course, I had to say it in a Bri-ish Accent too!) lol What’s your take on this look? Have you ever had a debate with your boyfriend/sister/close friend/loved one about what you were wearing? How did they say it and who won the argument?

Sheinside dress, H&M cap, SM Accessories belt, Nixon watch (join my giveaway: here), Tutum oxfords, Chanel bag

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