For the last of our Tokyo trip, we wanted to head out of the city proper and into a more traditional setting. Kamakura- at the south of Tokyo and just a train ride away, was just the right place. It was perfectly peaceful, photogenic and filled with beautiful Zen temples and Shinto Shrines. ...


Top 3 Summer Destinations

Summer is finally here guys! I'm sure you all want to spend the next few months vacationing on a beautiful tropical island (if you're not already), so I thought I'd share my top 3 favorite beach destinations in the Philippines to inspire your next getaway. Let me know if you've been here ...


Tokyo Disney Sea

Welcome once more to the happiest place on earth! Of course, this time- we felt like we were in a whole different world because we couldn't understand anything! Nevertheless, Disney always makes me feel like the troubles of the world are so far away. We were easily transported into a reality of ...


Meiji Shrine, Tokyo

I started the day with a shoot at the beautiful Nakameguro river in Tokyo and met up with my friends for lunch after that. There are so many amazing places to see in the city, but we chose to spend the day exploring the Meiji Shrine in Shibuya just because it's such ...


Be Right Back

Checking in with you guys- I'm still alive!!! Currently in Bali with the #RoxySquad shooting amazing photos and taking that much needed break I've been craving for. Will continue writing about my Tokyo adventures when I get back, but for now- Surfs Up! See you at the Line Up!