On Deck

Whenever its time to de-stress, I take a 30 minute drive to the sea, hop on a boat and let my mind wander. Boy, do I love Cebu. Thank God my mom loves me enough to pack me a whole banquet! Hope you enjoy these photos!

Romwe dress, WAGW cap, Melissa sandals

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Here’s a quick run down on what usually goes on with my time. My days are never the same. I always try to get up at 8 AM (unless I have a flight or an early call time), eat a long and relaxing breakfast, and make it out of the house by 10. After that, I can’t really get a definite schedule. I run from WAGW branch to branch, and the WAGW headquarters where I design and do shoots. I have meetings all over the city, lunch meetings, snack meetings, dinner meetings, and 5 minute meetings when I don’t have time to meet. I sneak in a quick 5 minute shoot for my blog depending on where I am and who I’m with (any longer than 5 minutes, and I get impatient, so it’s usually a really quick one, usually after lunch and before I get back to work). I also try to workout as much as possible, and juggle my routines between yoga and plyometrics (usually the traffic decides what I do and where I go!) And of course, to cap the day off, I have dinner with my family (love these days when we are all complete!) and spend the remaining hours finally letting loose and being my weird and silly self with Mike or my nieces and nephews before I hit the sack.  Then there are days with events, photo shoots, features and campaigns where everything I just mentioned above or anything that resembles order doesn’t happen at all. What do your days look like?


I do realize that there is absolutely no connection with what I just said and my title or these photos. But hey, just my little way of saying I’m pretty busy right now, so please leave a message!

H&M tank, Chanel bag, OMGFashion skirt (similar here), Kurt Geiger heels

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Permanently Impermanent

Contrary to “semi-”popular belief, I don’t just throw on everything and anything I feel like. Though I do say that you shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks and just wear whatever makes you feel most confident and comfortable, it doesn’t end there. What makes me feel the most at ease with my look is knowing that it fits me right and makes me look my best (or at least not my worst!) Because I’m a teeny tiny girl in this not so small world, I usually go for pieces that elongate my silhouette. This romper is a perfect example of such a cut. If you didn’t yet know how tall I really am, the first photo alone won’t make you guess that I stop at 5’2! Just one of the things I love about fashion and photography. Being able to step out of who you are, and play with illusions to create a whole new image! What do you think?

Esther Dress, H&M hat, Zara heels, WAGW belt, Nixon watch

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