I hope you die in jail or rot in it and grow extremely obese.

Yes, Im saying it again because I CAN and because its still not over! I'm very impressed, I must admit, that this thing has gone on for quite some time now. Can you believe this little ****** has over 2000 friends and counting? ...


Of course you did.

I will once again talk in non-unified sentences. Yesterday: I had a really bad day, and I really think wearing jeans was the culprit. Interviewed a pretty girl, and ate my heart out. ...


and Continue

According to a friend, I look like I belong on a Korean bottle of tea. Photo by EDRIC CHEN Clothes by WAGW On Lookbook and Chictopia ------------------------------------------------ Just came from a very delicious interview. Now heading ...


The quirk

"I dream of a better tomorrow...where chickens can cross roads and not have their motives questioned." Photo by EDRIC CHEN Clothes by WAGW

On Discoveries:

Thanks to Chai Martines, Gillian Uang and Hannah Bacalla for convincing me to buy this awesome miracle worker. Its very affordable and very efficient! Just a little dust of this post-make up, and you get an extra dose of glow and soft pearly skin! Try taking a photo before and after application. The difference is astonishing! I've already convinced so ...